Send a notification (not email) to my mobile after a triggered event

Is it possible to sent a text notification to a mobile after a triggered event (not email), I could use the notification to trigger an IFTTT action for devices that are not available via SmartThings.

SMS is available to users in the US. US users may now opt in at any time by texting YES to 844-647 for each phone number set up to receive SMS. Then you should be able to set up your alerts through Automations.

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Unless you also need the notification, most people just use a virtual switch for this purpose.


Further to JDRoberts answer, if you decide for whatever reason you definitely need the notification, you could generate an android notification based on device state using Tasker, Sharptools and the Sharptools Tasker plugin which is available as an IAP in Sharptools. I use this integration in reverse to do stuff in smartthings if I get a call from a specific number on my phone.