SMS or Email Input\Trigger

Is there any device\way to allow me to use SMS or Email as a trigger\input? I am trying to setup some flashing lights and buzzers based on receiving an SMS or email. I think I can do it by using IFTTT but I would prefer to keep it all contained in SmartThings.

Would be like a receiveSMSpush.

Any ideas?

This is a good question. I would like to understand if this is possible too. I am working on a SmartApp and trying to have a picture emailed to me or stored some where.

I wd like to do the same.

Bumping this up. Anyone figure this out?

Interested in this as well. Just bought a home with an extensive security camera system that has motion and tamper sensors built in that will automatically send an email. Would be great to run a ST script upon receiving this email…

Easy to do via IFTTT, but there may be a 15 minute lag on processing the incoming email.

This is a method that some people use for communication between non-connected systems.

The email has to come from the addy associated with the IFTTT account, and there is a limit of 750 per day.

There’s a completely separate IFTTT channel/service just for Gmail, and that one doesn’t have a daily limit. And the Gmail doesn’t have to be the one directly associated with your IFTTT account, although you do have to be able to access it to complete the set up. Some people daisychain that one by having the security system send an email to a Gmail account and having the receipt of that email be the IFTTT trigger. Just depends on exactly what you need.

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I should also say we used to do something similar for SMS texts with IFT TT, but they’ve now put a limit on those as well, 100/month, and I don’t remember if it applies to incoming as well as outgoing. You’d just have to look into it.

Thanks for the info!

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Is there a solution to this that doesn’t use IFTTT?

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Does anyone have a solution to this problem yet? I have an alarm system in the house which has its own app but does not support JSON APIs. I have no way to get status information out of it apart from via email.

I would like to be able to switch devices when the alarm is activate / disactivated and this could be done on receipt of an email.



Hey Mark @HUTCHY, How are you? I’ve same issue…had you solve it? how?

I’m trying to figure the same thing out. I have a customer for whom I do after hours, emergency services. I can’t miss any of their calls, texts or emails. I’m not so much concerned about their calls because they mainly communicate via text. I can have my phone forward their texts to an email address or I can have the server in my office forward an email from them to another email address or text. I want to turn on or flash the lights in the bedroom if I get a text or email from them in the night so it will wake me up. I had Vera before Smartthings and I think it’s doable with Vera, I think the Vera controller has an email address you can send simple commands to and control things. I really don’t remember.

Hopefully someone will crack this for Smartthings, it works so much better than Wink or Vera.

I think you could do this with webCore. I know that you could do it with Tasker and Sharptools (www.

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I have a working solution that allows you to send a SMS to a phone number and the result is then sent to a webCoRE piston and finally spoken in the house via Echo Speaks. I use AWS Pinpoint for the SMS service that triggers a AWS Lambda into webCoRE. The Pinpoint service costs a $1 a month in the US to hold the phone number and the rest is under AWS free tiers. It was a fun weekend solution!

AWS Pinpoint -> AWS SNS -> AWS Lambda -> webCoRE -> SmartThings

Is the basic flow.

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Any chance a topic exists somewhere that explains this?

Thanks in advance!

BTW, this is now built into iOS 14 shortcuts (trigger from an email or text)

Integration with smartthings is possible in all of the usual ways: a shortcut web hook, Ifttt, or homebridge. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is doable. :sunglasses: