Smoke CO detectors don't notify me when I test them

I have a smoke and a smoke CO detector (from my Iris) connected to smartthings. But when I test the detectors smarthings doesn’t notify me that they have gone off.
I want to be notified when the detectors go off in case of fire.
I set it for notifications on my Iphone 7.
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Which detector? First Alert or Halo? Halo devices will notify you when tested, but I’m not sure about the First Alert devices.

First Alert

I’m not sure if those notify you when tested, but they will in an emergency as long as you’ve set up a Smartapp, like Smart Home Monitor.

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The “test” function does not trigger Smart Home Monitor.

If you want to end-to-end test Smart Home Monitor for Smoke, then you need to actually waft some real smoke (or “canned simulated smoke” - available at hardware stores) to the detector. Personally I just carefully light some paper (after soaking most of it in water).


I hope so.