Halo Smoke CO detector no notifications

I have 3 x Halo – Wired 120VAC (60Hz Max 0.1A) with rechargeable battery Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm’s.

I know recently Halo Labs went under, but the alarms should still work through the hub.

Well today we were cleaning the house and some bleach fumes set it off. There was no push notification. The alarm worked but no push notification through the hub to my iPhone occurred.

I tested the second floor alarm as well, with a burning paper towel and it set off the alarm appropriately. But again no push notification. I attached the logs shown on the iOS app. Which appear to show the alarm is functioning and reporting to the hub.

All my other devices are giving me push notifications appropriately. Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have them setup through smart home monitor? The device itself wouldn’t push alerts. It needs to be added to some kind of smart app.


Exactly what @prjct92eh2 said.

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Thank you, did not realize that simple detail.

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