Smoke alarm with temperature sensor?

Is there a smart smoke detector that also has a temperature sensor that reports to smartthings? I think it would be really nice to have that plus more (motion, etc…) but I haven’t found anything in my searches.

Sure, there are some options, although they may not work exactly the way you expect.

In the U.K., the Fibaro smoke sensor 02 has a temperature sensor (01 doesn’t currently work with ST). The temperature alerts are handled internally in such a way that they don’t delay the fire alert. It’s becoming a more common feature. In most of these cases the temperature can only be reported when it is below the level at which a fire would be reported, after that the fire alert process takes over to avoid the conflict problem that was previously mentioned.

Apart from detecting smoke presence, Fibaro Smoke Sensor can detect fire by recording a rapid temperature rise. Temperature alarm threshold is user defined (parameter 81). Temperature alarm is signaled by the blinking red LED signaling diode blinking red and an intermittent sound signal.

The nest protect has its own temperature sensor, but I don’t think they make it available to third parties. It’s not available through their IFTTT channel. So you can get that one in both the US and the UK, but I don’t know of any way to integrate the temperature sensor with SmartThings. But maybe that’s changed since the last time I looked.

In the US, I personally like the $50 Leeo. This isn’t a smoke detector itself, it’s a plug-in device that has an audio sensor that will recognize when any US code smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector goes off. That detector could be networked or not networked. The Leeo then sends you a notification, so it’s really good for adding to homes with existing smoke detectors. ( it Will report any detector it can hear, so most people find that one per floor works fine.) It also has its own IFTTT channel, so you can get SmartThings integration that way as long as the Internet is still working when the message is sent.

And its IFTTT channel includes both temperature above or below alerts and humidity above or below alerts.

If I recall correctly, there’s also a netatmo device that does something similar to the Leeo, but is much more expensive.

So there are some options, it just depends on the exact details of what you’re trying to set up. And of course what country you live in. :sunglasses:

I have my ST motion sensors set to send me a notification if they detect over 120 degrees F but only ‘dumb’ smoke alarms currently

Hi. I’m in the UK and using the Fibaro Smoke Detector.
It does give temperature readings and does seem pretty accurate.

Does anyone have updated info on this topic? I’m also in search of a ST compatible smoke / CO detector that has a temperature sensor. In US.