SmartTiles question: Layout (Tile Order, ...) controls changed?

I added a new dash board and um i feel like usability stepped back some. the new dashboard requires me to log into smartthings first then launch dash ok i can live with that. but it seems i can only add remove tiles with tools in the dash board. is this correct? i hope not… before i would pull up a dashboard on my pc so i could see the tiles then open my android app to move them around then refresh to see if i had blanks and such in the right place. now i feel like im playing a guessing game on where the tile is going to land i think i could push them up and down for hours before i get the correct order for my desktop.

I really hope I am just missing something

i should have mentioned single tiles no problem but toss in 4 larger video streams mixed in with the single tiles

You can only add and remove Things from within the SmartThings Mobile App / SmartTiles SmartApp configuration screens.

You can only add, remove and arrange Blank Tiles using the “Tile Order” menu which is access either:

  • From the Tools “…” Tile on your Dashboard

  • Change the active URL (in the address bar of the browser) for your Dashboard replacing “/launch” with “/order”. (e.g.,

If you are working on a particularly complex layout of your dashboard, I recommend having the dashboard view open in one browser (or tab or window) and the “Tile Order” page open in another. The changes take effect immediately … you don’t have to exit the “Tile Order” page … just refresh the Dashboard to see the new order including added or removed Blank Tiles.

Hope that helps?

This complexity will be greatly reduced in the next generation of SmartTiles (“V6”) which does all dashboard configuration on the web (including adding and removing Thing Tiles, etc.) instead of a mix of SmartApp config pages + web.

yea that’s what i ended up doing I was having a moment i suppose…i have those on occasion

am I wrong or do i remember that larger vid stream tiles were counted differently

it use to be 6 tiles? i could count 1 2 3 for vid stream one and 13 14 15 vid stream 2 and they both would be top left corner one under another. now when i count the tiles it seems like a different count. am i going crazy or did it change?

(I’m not 100% sure I understand the question. Do you have a screen shot, perhaps?)

However: Be sure to check the SmartApp SmartTiles dashboard “Preferences” as there is now a “**Video Tile Size**” preference (Small or Medium).

lol its ok after i looked again i didnt understand it.
let me look at something brb

never mind i cant find it. I took a screen shot of the tile order a while back when i had to do a reinstall. i understood the grid system “then” but when i started using what i remembered it to be this time it seemed like the larger vid stream occupied the grid system differently.

i know that doesn’t help explain and it doesn’t matter much since i got it laid back out.

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