SmartTiles launch page when switching between Dashboards

This is my first post under this topic, I am relatively new to SmartTiles so go easy on a newb. I have smarttiles set up, I have it loaded on my iPad and an Androoid tablet. I love the functionality but would love it if the launcher wouldn’t come up each time I switch between dashboards. Is there a URL that can be used when going from say Dashboad1 to Dashboard2 and vice versa and not have the Launch Page come up? Afterall we have already logged in and now just want to flip between dashboards.

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Yes… After you have fully launched (reached) the target Dashboard, it’s URL should be usable as the shortcut.

However, the alternative answer is to add “&wait=0” to the end of the Launcher URL in the Shortcut definition. It will show the Launcher but only very briefly and no click is required.

Of course, we’re within weeks of ActionTiles release which fixes the whole mess…