SmartTiles Dashboard v5.5: Added UK 🇬🇧, 5 × Dashboards, and more! Nov 6, 2015

Great that you’re finding help with this Chris!
Would you do us big favor and spin off a new Topic for this, though, as it is no longer SmartTiles specific?

This type of integration of SMS with IFTTT via Virtual Switches (etc!) will be useful to a lot of folks.

This appears to be a SmartThings bug. New Topic(s) created:

I just tried installing smart tiles and I get this same message. The only unofficial device type I’m running is for Nest. I removed that device from Smart Tiles but still get the same message.

Thanks for letting us know. @625alex and I have reports of this error from a few users, but not very many, so we are having difficulty pinning it down.

You can send a note, please, to: so we don’t clutter the Topic with personal debugging steps.

If you know how to use SmartThings API/IDE Live Logging some of that output may give you or us vital clues. Start Live Logging just prior to the actions that cause the error message… etc. Similarly, and Firebug or Chrome Debugger output can be helpful.

But in the meantime, feel welcome to experiment by using one of the additional child dashboards with zero device tiles (i.e., just the default tiles), and/or no temperature based tiles, no weather tile, … i.e., a few simple combinations to see if you find that any particular ones work and which ones don’t.


Is there a way to have SmartTiles actually “control” instead of just “View state of things” my Linear GD00Z-4 garage door opener? I have just installed SmartTiles and created my first dashboard, but I cannot seem to find my Garage Door under the “Control things” part of the app.

Good job on the rest of it though!!!

Thanks for your help.

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check contact sensors under the Control Things…

Thanks for your response. However, on my app, I only see Locks, Music Players and Cameras (Image Capture) under “Control things…”. Contact Sensors (and thus my GD00Z) only show up under “View state of things…” which does not seem to give me the ability to control it.

I have just installed the SmartTiles (Connect) app today. Is there perhaps a different version I need?


Oh! Sorry… actually go up and look under Control Lights… Momentary Switches.

Sorry about that, I should learn to not trust my memory, lol

For some reason my garage door device does not show up under “Momentary Switches”. My GD00Z-4 is installed and connected as a “Z-Wave Garage Door Opener” type.

In looking into this a little deeper, I compared the settings in the SmartTiles app for my configured dashboard to the settings in one of my rules which are able to control (open or close) my garage door. The rule which can control my door has implemented the “capability.garageDoorControl” which, it seems, the SmartTile app did not implement and therefor is not able to control my garage door. I guess I am out of luck at the moment.

Hmm. did you also check the regular Switches category under Lights?

Yes, I checked them all. My Garage Door Opener only shows up under the “Contact Sensors”.

Thanks for your help.

There are a lot of non-too-difficult workarounds. I haven’t checked if the Device Type Handler (and/or SmartApps) you are using has source code available; if so, a few lines can be added to add “door” or “switch” capability and have that call the available methods to open/close the door, etc…

Similarly, you could add a Virtual Switch and it’s pretty easy to link it to the available open/close, etc., method of the real Device.

I will look into your suggestions.

Thanks very much!!

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@carlovn Try this modified device type that makes the garage door act like a switch.


Hi everyone, are there any special requirements for the android devices that run SmartThings & SmartTiles? I am an iphone user but would like to go with the multiple cheap android tablet solution and with Black Friday here would like to pick up multiple tablets. Obviously I want to ensure they will run everything without problem. Any advice would be great!

That’s the great thing about SmartTiles IMO, device independent. And works awesome, just setup a bunch of dashboards over the weekend myself.

Edit: I should have been explicit too, there are no special requirements. :smile:

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**SmartTiles **is heavily JavaScript dependant and probably runs faster on iOS than Android – not based on actual tests, but general JavaScript benchmarks. Still… processing speed is not a big impact for this type of application.

Probably goes without saying that browsers which are not sufficiently HTML5 compliant (Internet Explorer? Windows Mobile?) have a chance of glitches.

V6 will probably be optimized for Chrome; though not at the expense of hurting other popular platforms. iOS Safari is obviously a critical browser for us to test on.

For what it’s worth, I’m running on a Blackberry Playbook and it’s perfectly usable - a little laggy sometimes but not really noticable.
Also, you get quite cheap docks for them too!

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I have been playing with SmartTiles since my last few posts when i was setting it up. It is so great. I love SmartTiles. It makes Smartthings so much more usable day to day. Echo and SmartTiles are must haves. Thanks to the devs for the great work.