Smartthings with Broadlink

I have been using smartthings with broadlink via rm plugin as a bridge for at least a good 3 years.

recently I added a new 433mhz switch and ran the smartapps for the switch to appear in smartthings. it didn’t came out, not sure what when wrong as I haven’t been touching anything since the integration. I went to ‘uninstall’ the smart app and tried running it again. it failed and my switches from broadlink were all gone.

I went to ide and found out that the smartapp was giving me the following error: java.lang.RuntimeException: bad character in base64 value @line xx (lanResponseHandler)

I then went on to research and found the following article on Event Data Limits

it must be due to the limit where null is returned because I can see that the code stored in rm plug in is pretty long.

so my question is… is there any fix for it? anyway to revert my setting few days back? (I must be dreaming) or it’s time to say good bye to my integration and change all the rf switches to zigbee/zwave