Smartthings vs Control4 interface

(Ryan Guinn) #1

I have been a fan of your system and have installed it my home but found my non tech wife is very frustrated. I removed a control 4 system and she like the GUI on that.

Is there a way to improve the GUI?

(Alex) #2

Try my very wife friendly GUI:


Many people use SmartTiles. This was developed by a community member, then officially acknowledged by SmartThings so it has an easy install process. Runs on most browsers. Free to try, then a contribution is encouraged if you like it. You’ll find a lot of discussion in the forums. Worth looking at.

Meanwhile, ST is working on a new version of the official UI, but no announced release date yet.

(Ryan Guinn) #4

Thank you this may be just what the doctor ordered.

I can’t wait for the new UI and the V2 hub.

(Ryan Guinn) #5

Wow installed and running this might just save the day.