SmartThings Vision (Dynamic Vision Sensor)

Has anyone implemented this device: SmartThings Vision? Interested in it’s capabilities.


I found this information on it. Looks like a new product.

It seems to only be available in Australia, Northern Europe and Korea so far. USA users have it available to add in the app (along with SmartThings Air Quality sensor) but it isn’t on sale yet. Definitely looks cool for the privacy conscious.

I actually bought one of these and I’ve been pretty impressed with it. It is basically a better motion sensor more so than a camera. You can set rules on based on whether it sees a person or an object. It’s been good for setting up certain things to come on with my motion but not the cats motion. This has also been great for integrating into the security system as before I couldn’t utilise any of the motion sensors for the same reason. There is also a beta function where it can send you an alert if someone falls. It’s quite sensitive and goes off if I throw myself down into the chair quickly. Let me know if you want to know anything else. I couldn’t find any information or reviews about it myself when I bought it so I’m happy to share my experience with it.

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Sounds pretty useful compared to a generic motion sensor. I tried using a motion sensor in our office to turn the lights on/off, but there were too many times it randomly turned on and/or left the lights on long after they should have shut off. Wife got annoyed and I ended up disabling the automation so we’re stuck using a crappy Iris button that may or may not work when you hit it (the room has no overhead light and only one outlet controlled by a wall switch that’s on the wrong side of the room)

Hi, I’m very interested in this camera. Just a couple questions tho:

I’ve tried multiple z-wave/zigbee motion sensors that are not very sensitive at all, i find that if i sit on the sofa relatively still the motion sensors will often fail to recognize small movements and as a result turn off the light when its not supposed to.

What I’m interested to find out is if i can use this camera as a motion sensor to automate lights even when im relatively still in the room. Will the Camera’s AI continue to recognize that a person is still in the room even tho if said person is completely still?

Also, can this camera be mounted upside down? I might be hooking up power from the ceiling.

Really appreciate it if anyone who has these camera’s can answer these questions.
Thanks in advance!!

Hey Tiidub,

Hmm…good questions…I sit with my back to the sensor and sometimes have to wave my arm to get it to trigger so I can’t really give you a definitive answer. If you had it facing you so it can make out your outline I THINK it will still recognise a person being in the room. It’s a bit hard to test without moving it, sorry. I know that it can tell you how many people are in the room as well, at least up to 3. I don’t think it would work upside down, it’s hard to explain but where it plugs in, you can’t really point the cable upwards. Can I ask, when you sit down on the sofa are you normally watching tv or using any electronic device? I would recommend a power sensing smart plug then you can use that as part of your automations. Eg don’t turn the light off if the tv power is on or above a certain level. The more sensors you have the ‘smarter’ your home can be. I guess you can go too far with it though, like me having a multipurpose sensor on my keyboard tray so when I open it the computer turns on. It sounds lazy but my computer is under the desk and as I get older the power button gets harder to reach :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks for sharing your experience with it.

To answer ur question, no when I’m at the living room sofa I might not have the TV on all the time. Sometimes I might be either reading a book or using the iPad, basically staying relatively still for a while with little movement and that’s when the other motion sensors tend fail to recognize any movement even tho I might still be flipping pages on the book.

Btw, could u tell if the vision camera is doing the automations locally or thru the cloud? Are there any significant delays between detection and your automations?

Again thanks for sharing ~

Vision sensor connects direct to the cloud, so all automation would have to be in the cloud.

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My pleasure! Yep it’s definitely cloud based and I wouldn’t say the delays are significant but you can notice the difference in detection compared to their locally executed motion sensors. In my opinion, this sensor is best used in places where you don’t want false detection’s from shadows or pets and you need to be sure it’s a person. Another big use case would be in an elderly persons bathroom where you can be alerted if they fall but it still has the privacy of not actually being a video camera as you can only make out outlines. If I was you, I probably wouldn’t spend the money on it, for what you want to do. You could always put a multisensor under the sofa cushion and not have the lights turn off until vibration has stopped for x amount of time. They are so sensitive those things, It would probably pick up your breathing on the couch as vibration.

Thx for the tips guys. Great idea with the multisensor under sofa, maybe i’ll try that first.

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If you wanted to go that route, you could also pick yourself up a pressure mat tied into a contact sensor with internal dry contacts (such as the Ecolink).

That makes it a little more expensive than a multisensor, but I feel like it’s better suited to the task, since a multisensor would still rely on movement; this would be based on pressure, and the circuit will stay closed for as long as your butt’s in the seat.

It seems that doesn’t capture sound, can anyone confirm this? Please.

I can confirm, there is no microphone and it does not capture sound

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So there are no new questions on this topic so i will add some

This sensor seems unnecessary, i can’t really make it turn on and off properly with automation for the security, home monitor.

And the led doesn’t match the description in the app, recording etc. If on / recording 2 red leds.

And the night light has no purpose if you’re using it for the security that doesn’t work. Or it’s an expensive nightlight. That films you walking by…

Has anyone made this work for a purpose, please share

Hi All!

I have a question regarding this camera/sensor. AFAIK it works only with Samsung hub (both v2 and v3) but does it work with Aeotec?


It doesn’t work with the hub at all. It connects direct to the SmartThings cloud.

Thanks @Automated_House ! Just got mine and indeed - it’s cloud only. (I was mislead by a YT blogger).

@TiiDub you don’t need to mount it upside down - the attached cable can be bent 180 degrees and hidden in that round magnet cover. So you can plug it from the ceiling (I have the save thing in mind :))

Hi! I just wonder if there is a way to read the data (Python) from our SmartThings Vision sensor. Idea is to implement SNN, so time-series DVS data required for the project.