Vision Sensor notifications, not from my house - Security Bug?

I was helping a friend set up his home, as such I was a member of his home as well as mine for a couple of days. He has a single vision sensor.

Finished setting him up and removed myself from his home, now I only see my home.

However, I am seeing all his saved 10sec videos in my smartthings video log, and they are showing as location null>null

I can select null>null from the drop down filter and even see the live view. I have no access to his wifi and I live 50km away.

There are no legacy devices hiding in IDE from his home.

How is this possible?

Seems like you’ve accidentally done what others wish they could do with the Smartthings cam. Being that shared members can’t view video clips from the cams, only the main account.

Strange, no doubt, but I have no idea other than maybe the nature of these devices being wifi and behaving differently than the typical devices.

Hopefully someone can shed some light.

Did you check under your connected services?

Not sure what you are asking? Nothing there that shouldn’t be.

The vision sensor is a native smartthings product, not related to any external connected service?

That is strange, I wasn’t aware of that undocumented feature…

He is an ios user, and was unable to add this device, so I made the connection for the vision sensor from my android when I visited him.

We were both able to view the feed and recordings.

That offers a clue for a possible work around for the ST cam issue, but somehow you remained authenticated and, I’m assuming the Videos and Vision device tiles remained there?

I find it interesting, but I’m just as baffled as you.

No device tile (can’t select or view his home). But I can access the vision via the smartthings video menu.

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I keep saying “tiles”, I guess they are cards actually.