IT has been fun... but I am scared for the next week. Should I get a SmartThings hub 3 now?

So, been at this a couple of years. I have Smartthings version 2, I use Blink, Wyze, Honeywell Thermostat, Webcore, Alexa, Fire Sticks, and most likely others I can not think of right now. I seem to have overloaded my system. Today I ordered the Google Wifi 4 pack from Costco. My current router has 2 and 5 g, and an extender. So I have devices tied into 4 different networks based on their location to the ordinal router or the extender and if they are 2 or 5. I plan to set the network name to the current SSID that I think the majority of the stuff is tied into… but I just dread the resetting of stuff, and my husband complaining… why is XXX not working… sigh, just remove all sharp objects from the house for a while till I get it all worked out… so… dreading this. Should I go ahead and get a Smartthings Hub 3 now???

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Speaking just for myself, I like to change as few things as possible at a time.

So I would just change the Wi-Fi router and get everything working again.

Then if you want to go to a V3 smartthings hub later you can. :sunglasses:

Remember that there are no migration utilities for SmartThings, so to go from The V2 hub to the V3 hub means individually resetting each device and adding it to the new hub. And also individually re-creating each of your automations. That’s a lot of work, so again, I would put it off for now, but that’s just me.


I think you sorted this out on the FB group, but the V2 hub doesn’t have WiFi, so it connects via Ethernet cable. Let us know if you actually have the V3 hub.


I’d echo @JDRoberts here. I installed Google WiFi mesh and that’s easy. I love the system and the app and the reliability btw.

I later upgraded to the V3 ST hub which took days as I have so many devices and integrations.

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Unless you need a hub that is connected via WiFi instead of Cat5 Ethernet, there really is no compelling argument to be made for most users to “upgrade” from a v2 ST Hub to a v3 ST Hub, IMHO. The v3 hub has 1/2 the CPU and 1/2 the RAM of the v2 hub, and lacks the built-in battery backup (if you find that useful, although most of us removed the batteries after the firmware fiasco that resulted in leaking batteries!) Doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade to me…more of a downgrade. ST appears to still be fully supporting the v2 hub with the same firmware updates as the v3 hub. At this point, the only real positive the v3 has over the v2 (excluding the aforementioned WiFi connectivity) is the support for 64 direct-connected Zigbee devices versus the 32 on the v2 hub. With a few Zigbee repeaters, you end up with a stronger Zigbee mesh and avoid hitting the v2 32 node limit fairly easily. :thinking: There is also the promise of enhanced Z-Wave security, but I am not sure if that has even been delivered yet.

Sooooo, if it isn’t broken, why fix it? :wink:

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