SmartThings Shop - No 'Packs' like in USA


Is there a plan to offer device packs in the UK like are already offered on the USA ST shop?

There looks to be anywhere between a 5% and 10% discount for these packs vs the relative local cost of an individual device.

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Not sure this is the right place to post. Maybe better on social media? But agree we really should have something equivalent esp as our prices are slightly higher to start with.

There is a slightly different sales model in the US versus UK. We sell direct to customers in the US, but our products are currently only available on Currys and Samsung’s website in UK. The deal on our Shop is a soft bundle (ie US customers get a shipping box with 5 individual sensor).

We are regularly collecting feedback and discussing options with our partners (both in the UK and US). Sorry for being the bearer of bad news :frowning:

Sorry but the above is not true. I’ve purchased most of my st kit direct from Samsung.

You can purchase direct here.