Smartthings Triggers Google

I have a smartthings motion sensor…
.it triggers an automation that only runs between 5:00 am and 9:00 am and Only happens once per day that changes the location mode to morning…
How would I get the Google home in the bathroom to act on this and play the good morning routine?

I believe that is not possible at the moment.

You can use Google Assistant Relay installed on some hardware running 24/7 to give commands to Google, but as far as I am aware of, the Google Home Routine execution is not supported by the SDK.

@ghesp, the author of GAR can confirm this.

But you can give commands with GAR to your Google Home devices and you can mimic the Routine by individual commands maybe.

Do you think that it might be added in the future?

What is GAR?

Depends on Google.

Look at the topic for reference:

G oogle
A ssistant
R elay

So your saying that smartthings could activate GAR then could tell Google to activate a routine

You can mimic a Routine, if your commands in your Routine can be used with GAR.

If your Routine is play happy morning music on the bathroom speaker, then probably.

The SDK has weird limitations, what are not bound to the physical devices.

So like it could tell google hey Google good morning (routine) I see

I am saying, that the SDK used by GAR is limited. GAR cannot execute Google Routines.

But if your Google Routine’s commands can be executed one by one by GAR, then you can mimic it.

  1. Turn lights on
  2. Play music on all speakers
  3. Open blinds

Then you have a good chance to be able to do it.

Probably you will need as well a virtual switch, and WebCoRe.

If ifttt let you create custom actions with Google home… I could create a virtual device the turn on when the location mode changes to morning and then ifttt action tells the bathroom speaker to play the morning routine

Or is there something else that does that???
Other than ifttt

Sorry, I have no idea.

Can web core trigger Google assistant routines?

so what if with action blocks and you get something that press the wiget. Like if you make the wiget that activates the routine

Like a smart app or something???

One other option, which is weird, but works, is to get an additional speaker device and have it say the command to the Google home.

This could be an android device with LANnouncer or an Echo. I don’t know enough about Google home to know if you can automate makIng it speak a custom command, but if you can, then it could be a Google home mini.

The point is just that the voice assistant doesn’t care who is saying the command, so it can be another voice assistant if you want.

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That is possible


Or wait but how could you get something in the smartthings routine… Google assistant doesn’t have a action in ifttt

Or is there a smart Things smart app that selects a wiget?