SmartThings Home Monitor - Set Response - Texts - Not Retaining Contacts

Problem: Phone Numbers are not retained in Home Monitor Send Text Field after closing SmartThings App

Is anyone else having this problem or are you able to replicate the problem?

Any suggestions ?

To Replicate Behavior:
In SmartThings Home Monitor > Settings > Security (or Smoke or Leaks) > Set Response > Send Text Message:

  1. Add my Cell Number.
  2. Save Changes.
  3. Arm Home Monitor.
  4. Trigger an Alarm.
  5. I receive a Text alert from Samsung Number 844647
  6. Note: I did reply “YES” to receiving texts from Samsung Number 844647.
  7. Close SmartThings completely.
  8. Relaunch SmartThings
  9. Go back to Send Text Message field above
  10. Field displays “no recipients selected


  • It behaves the same way in all three Sections (Security, Smoke, and Leaks).
  • I’ve Shut Down & Rebooted
  • I’ve tested it on two other Android Devices (on my account), so I don’t think it’s a problem with my Phones/Tablets, clearing cache, etc.
  • Tried both typing in the number in the field and pressing the “+” to select it from Contacts.
  • A friend’s SmartThings App on Apple (latest version; I think version 1.6 something) retains the Text Number.

I’m running:
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Android 12, Security Patch Level: Nov 1, 2022
One UI v 4.1
SmartThings v1.7.93.26
SmartThings Home Monitor v1.7.93.26


This has been a problem for quite a while.


This kept happening to me as well so I stopped using the STHM not only because of this, but also because the STHM doesn’t run local.

Yup. Same here.

What do you mean “doesn’t run local”?

With the STHM setup and in an Armed mode, unplug the network connection from the Hub and trigger one of the sensors that’s configured in the STHM. Does any siren or light configured in the response section of the STHM come on? None of mine every did without an internet connection.

So I created a few different intrusion response Automations as an alternative to the STHM since Automations can run local on the Hub without the internet. One intrusion response Automaton runs local to turn on local Zigbee and Zwave devices like sirens and lights, and another Automation runs in the Cloud which is for notifications that maintains the text message alert entries unlike the STHM which kept losing them. As for Armed Away, Armed Stay, and Disarmed modes, I’m using an Edge Virtual Text device by @Mariano_Colmenarejo which also runs local on the Hub without the internet.


Thank you. I was not aware of the problem when the internet may be down. Interesting.

Interesting solution !

I’ll test in a few days.

Just realized I’m having the no contacts problem too. Do you have the link to that thread? Tried to search the forum and couldn’t find it.