SmartThings Temp/Humidity Sensor and WiFi Thermostat

I have a Honeywell RTH9580WF running with SmartThings using a custom device type. Is there any way that my SmartThings Temp/Humidty sensor could signal my Thermostat to either raise the heat when the Temp/humidity sensor gets to a certain degree?

Keep Me Kozi II, can be found under the green living section. Allows you to choose an external temp sensor and adjust your thermostat based on its reading.

I am looking to set the temperature in the room with the Temp/Hum sensor at a certain time period in that room. I only have the usual “All Modes”, Away,Home, Night. but no way to change the time period. I tried Make Me Cozy2 but no time period adjustment.

Can you explain how you got smartthings to see the RTH9580WF? I haven’t been able to find information or get it to work.

Look here it is on this thread. Also Robert Hudson modified the code and icons and it works fairly well.