SmartThings team MIA from Kickstarter

Lots of questions around the selection of “Things” and adding to your pledge.  Any feedback here…

How can we add to our pledge to get more Things?

Any way we can add to our pledge to get the Arduino shield?

All of the recent feedback indicated this would be possible…

While I understand its the holidays, its still hard to understand the lack of feedback and answers!

I would also really like to add an Arduino Shield to my pre-order.

Will the SDK be released publicly at the same time you start to ship the pre-orders?

As for your question, there’s a thread in the Developer forum where they addressed this on the 19th:

We are working very hard to get it ready in the next several weeks. This community will be among the first to know. We will be releasing it well before the physical kits are sent and our Kickstarter backers and others should be able to access the SDK within the same timeframe. More info coming soon.
Hopefully that means it's coming soon.


And it unfortunately looks like they won’t have a system to add anything to Kickstarter orders until after they’re shipped, according to a response someone posted in a Kickstarter comment.