How soon will we be able to get access to SDK?

(Tyrone Rubin) #1

If one did not join the Kickstarer campaign, how soon will you then be able to get access to the SDK?

(Smart Things) #2

We are working very hard to get it ready in the next several weeks. This community will be among the first to know. We will be releasing it well before the physical kits are sent and our Kickstarter backers and others should be able to access the SDK within the same timeframe. More info coming soon.

(Karl Miller) #3

How about documentation before SDK release?

(Andrew Urman) #4

Just wanted to make sure everyone’s seen the Resources page. It will slowly be growing.

As far as the contest goes, there isn’t really a set date right now. We want to make sure there is enough time for developers to get their hands on the IDE and/or Arduino shield. It’s looking like it will most likely be in April or May.

(Ashu Joshi) #5

I am a contributor at a Developer level - I was promised Developer Access in December - I am still waiting. I know you guys have raised money, but what was the point to contribute at that level?