Smartthings system status alerts are unreliable and becoming useless

I’ve complained about this before but here goes again … just now I got a “Resolved: Platform Stability Issues” text alert from Smartthings that I signed up for. Awesome, thanks for letting me know.

You know what’s not awesome? Never receiving an alert that there was a platform stability **PROBLEM **in the first place.

It’s like their alert system is running on a Smartthings hub that only works half the time or something. :confused:

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This is the one that started on Jan 20th. Did you not get anything on the 20th?

Nope and if you check their alerts RSS, they didn’t send anything out about this on the 20th either.

The only alert they sent out on the 20th was that something else was resolved.

Hmm thats weird I received an email about it on the 20th as well as another incident the same day for scheduled smart apps


Yep, I got the email on the 20th as well. It seems their RSS feed only stores the most recent update to an issue and not the full history as compare to the actual incident page

Platform Stability Issues
Incident Report for SmartThings
The recent system upgrades have significantly improved performance and reduced errors associated with the mobile app & scheduled events. Contact if you have any issues or questions.
Posted 15 minutes ago. Jan 29, 2016 - 13:44 EST
We have implemented additional fixes for the recent platform instabilities and have started to see improved performance. We are continuing to monitor system health and will provide updates accordingly. Contact if you have any issues or questions.
Posted 7 days ago. Jan 22, 2016 - 21:50 EST
A small subset of users have reported receiving errors when logging into the SmartThings mobile app and IDE. This is related to the fixes that we are currently implementing. Please attempt to log in again, but we can’t guarantee success until the repairs are complete. We will continue to provide updates accordingly.
Posted 7 days ago. Jan 22, 2016 - 17:28 EST
Some users have recently experienced periodic issues with system performance. SmartThings has rolled out several fixes that have helped noticeably improve operation, but we are still seeing some intermittent issues. We are working around the clock to address these problems and will continue to provide updates accordingly.
Posted 9 days ago. Jan 20, 2016 - 15:08 EST

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And I got the text message on the original alert as well.

Leave it to Smarthings to put together a “Past Incidents” page that appears to be chronologically ordered but actually is not. Looking for an incident that was reported on Jan 20th? Oh that’s under Jan 29th of course. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

To be fair, ST uses for their status page, like about 90% of the startups out there. I agree it’s less than optimal, but it’s not that they built it that way on purpose.

Yes, they could do better by building their own, but I’d rather they focus on the platform itself :smile:


I was not aware a company bought by Samsung well over 18 months ago was still getting a pass for doing things that startups do. :smile: That probably explains why my night mode changes haven’t been working the last 3 days.

Mobile App Connectivity is down for Windows devices, and this hasn’t been updated.

They’ve now started to whitewash in the status updates:

Resolved: The recent system upgrades have significantly improved performance and reduced errors …

So now, “resolution” means “significant improvement” and “reduced” errors. In other words, this is a meaningless statement. A significant improvement from mostly broken could be as little as just mostly broken some of the time. Reduced errors could be from 2% of events lost to 1.9% lost.

So as to the OP, I agree. The system status updates are unreliable AND useless, and are pure fluff to calm users. They don’t mean anything. It’s a facade, an attempt to appear to be improving things and resolving issues. The fact remains, the platform is unstable, has many errors and lost events, is not reliable for anything like security, etc. etc. And, this is its steady state condition irrespective of the status updates.


This guy at ST was responsible for sending out the status emails. He hasn’t been seen since he went to look for the server reboot switch.

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bur where’s the status update stating that they have completely hosed the windows mobile app since the ios and android updates.

@DeanSmith, @Fuzzyligic and any other Windows folks, just checking here but if you’re referring to the issue accessing your Group tiles then I think we have a beat on it. If you have a minute send an email to I know we’re slower than normal and people hate our guts right now, but if you shoot us a note we’ll do our best to let you know when a fix is set to go out (should be soon).

If it’s something else, then we’d like to track that down as well. The more reports we get the easier it is to do that. Thanks guys.

@ryanh it is something else. The Windows app cannot add Apps or Things, cannot manage or view Things, and cannot edit Apps. Please fix this!

Darn, sorry about that Dean! I see you sent in a support request. I’ll follow up with you there.

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Agree. Funny that I got an email today that “a problem has been resolved”… and this evening, my Smartthings Hub (v2) went offline for the first time in a month (yes! I got a good reliable month in… yes!).

@ryanh im a uk user, so I would have to send to the uk support, but they have proved themselves to be far worse than you guys over the pond. Anyway my issues are identical, I cannot manage anything, or add anything, constantly get a red banner saying unexpected error. If I try to go into a group I get an unexpected error, and since all my devices are in groups it means I cannot see anything. Since you have a representative ticket from @DeanSmith I will hold off emailing in yet.

Please email. The more tickets, the better.