Simulated Switch and IFTTT integration

Hey, Kind of new here but can’t seem to find a thread that explains what I’m looking for, it sounds like it should be a simple fix?
I’ve created a simulated switch in SmartThings and created an IFTTT to turn on a smart plug that is not compatible with ST. I’ve added the ST switch to Action Tiles, but my issue is that the switch doesn’t do anything. How do I get the switch and IFTTT to talk to each other? I hope it makes sense what I’m asking and if anyone can help/point me in the right direction

Theres a SmartThings skill in IFTTT, once enabled you should see your device there and be abltto create a recipe that automates the switch.

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@Darren_Sh - this video shows an example of what you are looking to do with Wyze Sense.

Thanks guys, this has helped and I got it working :slight_smile: