SmartThings Smart Lock Guest Access - Disappeared (January 17, 2023)

Seems there are two separate branches of the SmartThings update issues I’m seeing here: one for “Smart Lock Guest Access” (presumably via Samsung/SmartThings) and one for RBoy users… Likely from the same root.
For Some reason user JDRoberts merged the topic forum specifically dedicated to RBoy into this string- I don’t think they share a solution, so I think this is a goo-intentioned error.

Anyone have any specifically @RBoy solutions available???

Delete Guest Access. I don’t have any smart locks and I only tried to install it so I could support those with problems by adding a voice. Knowing I had a 95% installed Guest Access was annoying me. It has to be all or nothing. So once Guest Access was fixed I immediately deleted it again.

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Other than SLGA and the 3rd party websites folks have already mentioned, there doesn’t seem to be any other Lock Managers currently available.

As of today, I can confirm Smart Lock Guest Access installs and works on my Galaxy 22. I had to delete it and reinstall to get it to work. Successfully added a new code today. My Rboy user management app is no longer working, so pretty much switching over permanently to the SLGA app now. SLGA provides no where near the features of the Rboy app, but at least I can manage codes again!

Yes, at present time there are no lock manager replacements for Rboy Lock User Manager that provide anything more than lock code management. You can use Sharptools to provide per user lock code actions but it requires their premium service to have access to variables in order to get the lock code used in an unlock/lock event.

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Thanks for recognizing my good intentions, but in this case, I only moved some individual posts that referenced SGLA. The original Rboy topic is still there, so you can continue any discussion specific to that in that thread.

As far as the Rboy apps situation, all custom groovy smartapps, including all of the Rboy apps, were shut down when Samsung shut down the free hosting cloud last week. That was a few days before the SGLA problem occurred.

Here’s the official announcement of the shutdown:

The only fix for that is for Rboy to write a completely new version using the new architecture. So absolutely, you are right that it is a completely different problem and solution than the SGLA problem, which was a temporary platform issue on the new architecture. They were not caused by the same root problem.

Rboy has a page on that site discussing the issue, although it doesn’t say much:

So again, you’re right, that’s a totally different problem, and should be discussed in the other thread.

The following thread is about Rboy’s lock user management (LUM):

[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

And this next one is about Rboy’s smartapp for rentals. Both shutdown when the hosting cloud was shutdown. :disappointed_relieved:

[RELEASE] Rental Lock Automater - Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia


How did you reinstall? I have tried to delete from the Life tab and install multiple times and see no option to setup lock codes.

Got it to work on android after clearing data and force stop.

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I didn’t think I used the lock manager (stock one, never implemented Robot one), but I used to have a tile in my favorites that showed the status of my lock. Is that the same thing? I realized it’s gone and can’t seem to find a way to add back. I know I can just add the lock tile directly, but I liked the old one was bigger and color coded so quick to scan for status.

On favorites, select the three-dot menu and “Show status information”. Turning this on should show your locks, but will also show a bunch of low battery and other alerts that might or might not be of interest to you.

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I have those on, but this was something else. Bigger, like the size of home monitor. Would be blue when locked and red when unlocked. I remember what I would click on if I accident it would try and download, which I never let complete because I never interacted with it, but that made me realize I wonder if it was the lock manager.

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A third party company called Seam is offering a temporary solution for managing guest access codes. I don’t know anything about them, but I have moved the posts discussing that option to their own thread, so they will be seen by more people and will be easier to find.

Seam: Temporary Solution for Managing Lock Guest Codes (Jan 2023)



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Thanks! this makes sense.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Seam: Temporary Solution for Managing Lock Guest Codes (Jan 2023)

Just tried this and it worked! Unfortunately, you have to do it from an internet browser.

  1. Login to your hub: Samsung account .
  2. Scroll to “Commands”.
  3. Click “setCode” button to open a dialog to set up your lock code.
  4. Choose your “codeSlot” – make sure you don’t pick a number that is already used.
  5. Choose your “codePIN”, which will be your lock code.
  6. Choose your “codeName”, which will be the name of your lock code.
  7. Click “setCode” button underneath it.
  8. Test the new code on your actual door lock. Make sure you have a way to enter in case you are locked out!

You could always do this via the ST CLI. It was just a little too obtuse for most people. The new Web App Advanced (it really needs a better name) makes it much more straight forward.

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We haven’t been able to get to the “lock codes” drop down in Smart Things Guest Access for days. Tried two different phones, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and using the web interface to STGA. Nothing works. We’ve logged a Customer Support ticket with Samsung. We need to remove a code and to add another. Support says it takes 3-6 working days (“24 to 48 working hours”) to get a response. Is anyone else experiencing this issue and is there a workaround for non-engineers other than using the “Advanced” option on the web and systematically deleting every code in every position on the lock and then readding codes one by one (without descriptors)?