Smartthings Shield

So i just ordered a makers kit. I have tried to do some integration with my nest and wemo and have found it erratic. I have 3 people that live in my house and we all have android devices. I was trying to setup ST so that when we all left it turned the Wemo off and set my thermostat to away. and the reverse when i returned home. ST would randomly think we had arrived at home in the middle of the night and turn on the wemo or it would think we were gone and crank the thermostat to away which made the house a toasty 80deg.

One thing i noticed is that most of my devices go inactive frequently.

I pulled the nest device control code from @juano2310

Help!!! what am i doing wrong.

Also my end goal is to take my arduino, which i am still learning about, and some AC relay bricks and control the house. all of the wireless devices are too expensive. I have a ST shield but honestly dont have a clue how to make it work. Where should i start?

I have ordered a few relay bricks off of sainsmart. I have succesfully written code to control those from arduino uno.

I’m new to ST but I thought the built in delay on the SmartApp attached to your phone was supposed to help prevent this? Maybe adjust the time (Action delay time and or Minimum away time)?
In the activity I see my Android come and go several times a day (when it’s home sitting on the counter), but my modes don’t change since the phone “comes back” before exceeding the delay time.

Hi @thetexannh, I don’t have an android and therefore i haven’t noticed this issue but I think @Dave’s idea to prevent false positives is a great solution.
You can also condition your changes only for certain modes. For example only in home mode but not at night.
Finally, Arduino is a great tool. If you were able to control the relays I would recommend to start playing with libraries. You will need o get familiar with this concept to install SmartThings library and connect to the shield.
Hope this helps!

@juano2310 and @Dave,

Gentlemen thanks for the help. I completely deleted everything in the IDE. Started with a clean slate. Started with a multisense and a GE link bulb. All seemed to work so i decided to dive in. So For right now i am trying a Nest, GE link Bulb, Wemo Switch and using 3 androids as proxy sensors with 30 min delays. We shall see. Thanks for all the help.

As for the arduino where can i find said libraries?

So i do have another question. Is there a way to create users that only have access to certain devices. So what i am really getting at is since i am using the kids smart phones as proxy sensors i have to load the app. that gives them full access to start messing with things. So if i wanted them to only be able to turn on the lights in their room and not mess with things across the entire house or mess up my rules inadvertently is there a way to achieve this.

I was wondering what the best way to start clean was. Deleting each device one at a time in the IDE, is that the best way?
I’m trying to figure out why one of my lights likes to turn itself off once in a while.


That is what i had to do. But it required somethings be deleted before i could delete the device. I went ahead and deleted all of my devices, device types and well everything. i found somethings were easier to delete in the app. I then went through the IDE and verified it was all cleaned up.

so as an update my thermostat didn’t fire this evening. Not sure why. It shows it was supposed to in the activity log.

@thetexannh, you can find them here