Iris refuge needs a little help: sensor suggestions, “away” rules for thermostat, Sonos Integration?

Migrating from iris. Getting most of my devices supported and the process has been ok. I have a few questions which I researched but got confusing answers.

  1. I have about 20 version 1 iris contact sensors. They are not supported by ST. I see a few different sensors that are supported. Do they all provide the same level of service? Should I go with the cheaper ones or stick with the ST brand for reliability and functionality ?

  2. I want to program my thermostat on a schedule I also want to add rules that override the schedule when no one is home. I added the ST app to everyone’s iPhones and turned on location sensing. Can someone point me to a guide? Basically I want to set a schedule that takes precedent when someone is home. If no one is home then the schedule gets overridden with a new temperature setting.

  3. Finallly I have a Sonos system. Can I just use this as an alarm? When the alarm goes off have it broadcast something? I saw some write ups on this but it seems to be a custom programming effort.

Thanks. Look forward to a more stable system.

Welcome! :sunglasses: What’s the brand and model of the thermostat?

As far as sensors, different models have different features, so just depends on what you’re looking for.

You might take a look at the device class features FAQ, it has a lot of sensor discussion. (The topic title is a clickable link)

This can be done with an app that handles the work. I don’t use such an app but I know there are both free and paid apps that will do this.

Personally, I set up Location Modes for Home, Away and Vacation. Then, I use webCoRE to set up daily schedule to run only when we’re home (i.e., Home Mode). I then set up webCoRE to monitor our distance from home (iPhone presence). When we’re either in ‘Away Mode’ or ‘Vacation Mode’, the daily ‘piston’ (i.e., program) no longer runs it’s daily schedule. Further, the heat and cooling setpoints are changed accordingly. and lastly, depending on the season, the Away and Vacation thresholds ‘rings’ are also adjusted to allow sufficient time to make the house comfortable again.

You may or may not not be ready to tackle webCoRE yet, but when you are, take a look here.

I have done this with webCore as @lflorack mentioned, but I also having it working with a Routine in the Classic app. You’ll need to use a thermostat that is supported by ST. Once you have the thermostat connected to ST, in the Classic app create a routine, specify your thermostat setpoint and set the Automatically perform to when “Everyone Leaves”.

The accompanying routine would be to reset the thermostat to the default when someone comes home. Create another Routine in the Classic app. Set it to automatically perform when “Someone arrives”. This will work great if you want to specify another setpoint for when someone comes home, but that may not exactly be the case.

In my case, I want my thermostat to return to the what it would normally be set to, not to a specific setpoint. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a setting in routines for that. For that I do use webCore to release the hold placed on the thermostat setpoint by the aforementioned routine. This causes the thermostat to go back to whatever setpoint is dictated by the thermostat’s programmed settings.

Radio CT101 Thermostat. It connected no problems.

Bumping this up. Getting through my Iris to ST migration.

I have the CT-101 thermostat which I had on Iris on a simple schedule - nighttime to daytime shifts in temp. I would like to do the same thing with ST although I am realizing the thermostat is not very smart. I dont want to get deep into the 3rd party apps. And I also want to add the geofencing capability. Any recommendations on a thermostat? I was looking at the EcoBee but it seem over featured for me - I dont need voice activation and such. Just a schedule and geofencing. Any recomendations?

I realize that you said you don’t want to tackle any 3rd-party apps, but with webCoRE, this could be your 5/2 daily schedule:

This took just a few minutes to write. Your choice, but webCoRE will change the way you think about Home Automation. It’s honestly not too hard for many people to get into either. Your choice. As an added incentive, it’ll easily handle your thermostat/geofencing wish.

Regarding your thermostat choice. There are really several ways to go with thermostats and home automation.

  1. Get a really smart one and have it do all the work (more expensive)
  2. Get a really dumb one and have SmartThings/webCoRE do the work (cheaper)
  3. Somewhere between the above choices so that if SmartThings goes down, the temperature changes and other functions can be performed by the thermostat.

Personally, I took the #2 choice. (I have a CT-100). Many others choose to go the #1 route and get an Ecobee or Nest. But, as you’ve said, it seems like more than you need for just keeping a setpoint change schedule. Further, I am pretty sure neither one of them will solve your geofencing wishes on their own.

Thanks Lee. Maybe I will spend the time to learn webcore. Have checked it out but didn’t put the effort. With webcore does each user write their own script or can you copy others that satisfy your needs?

Very easy to copy webCoRE pistons and simply edit the devices used to match yours. If you look closely at the piston posted above you’ll see the “import code” that you can use to do just that.

And I second the suggestion to spend the time to set up webCoRE. It’s not that hard, and enables you tob easily create pretty much any kind of automation/rule you can imagine.

You’re welcome. Lot’s of friendly people here and on the webCoRE site too.

It’s very easy to copy other people’s pistons by using the import code shown at the top of the code.
For instance, the one I posted above can be imported by using its code, ‘Xs05’.

Is WebCore only available through the SmartThings classic iphone app?

Yes, it’s only available in classic. As far as I know, it’s not currently clear if that will change for Samsung Connect in the future.

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