SmartThings Shield with Intel Galileo Gen 2 with Windows

Does anyone have any thoughts on compatibility of the SmartThings shield with the Intel Galileo Gen 2?

I have a gen 1 Intel Galileo and have often wondered the exact same question. The ThingShield simply uses serial communications between the Arduino and the shield. I can not think of any reason why it couldn’t be made to work. You may have to tweak the SmartThings library for it to work, though. By default, the ThingShield library uses the SoftwareSerial library for its communications. This may or may not work on the Intel Galileo. If it does work, you may have to use different pins other than 2 & 3.

Do you want to use the Arduino IDE for development? Or are you considering running MS Windows on the Galileo?

That seems positive. I do intend to use to use Windows on the Galileo which brings up more questions.

Agreed. Running Windows on the Galileo may require more extensive changes to the SmartThings ThingShield library. I’m running Windows on my Galileo too. If I ever find the time to try porting the code, I’ll be sure to share it here!

That would be helpful. Let us know.