Arduino Shield

Hey guys,

Does anyone have the Arduino shield working with latest libraries etc …

I just got mine today, SmartThings sees the shield and it seems to be active however I am not able to exchange any messages. On/Off example does not work either.



@ssozonoff Leonardo!? I can’t wait to see your workaround you told me about! We put the hardware switch in there and we intend to use it, we just haven’t had the opportunity to develop it into the library yet :frowning:

Hi Andres,

The best I have come up with so far (I am no Arduino expert) is:

//SoftwareSerial mySerial(PIN_THING_RX, PIN_THING_TX); //SmartThings smartthing(&mySerial, messageCallout); // constructor

// or

SmartThings smartthing(&Serial1, messageCallout); // constructor

In combination with the modified SmartThings Shield lib found here (I updated examples as well)

This also removes the requirement to define a board type in SmartThings.h which is somewhat “magic”. Let the developers define the Serial object and pass that the SmartThings at this stage.

I have tested on a Leondardo but not with a SoftwareSerial case

BTW looks like you guys have some CSS issues with text wrapped in code tages… the text is white. Try selecting the area which looks like a big white space in this message to see what I mean.


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Where can you purchase the Smartthings shield?

Hi Serge,

I am trying to use Hardware serial port on the Leonardo, do you still have the modified SmartthingsL.h and SmarthingsL.cpp files available?

The dropbox link does not work



Oooh that was long ago…

Dont have that stuff handy anymore.