SmartThings Shield for sale $65

I have a SmartThings shield I would like to sell. I built a project with it but it was never put in service. I’d like to get $65 plus $10 shipping.

I didn’t see a place to post something for sale so I hope this is ok.

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The Nvidia shield?

No. It’s a development board like arduino

Thanks Toasty for clearing that up. It’s a Zigbee development board called SmartThings Shield. The other Shield is in the Nvidia Shield.

Ahhhh thx


The smartthings dongle type( you plug into the Nivea Shields 1 of 2 USB Ports? ) and it pretty much turns the Nivea Shield into something that can connect with IoT’s?
If I am correct about what you are selling, I am definitely interested. I am in Canada. NB to be more specific.
I’m waiting for your reply.

Nope. He’s referring to the SmartThings ThingShield for Arduino.



Did you sell this yet?