For sale: ST hub + ST arduino shield

(James Yong) #1

Both for $100 incl. shipping within US.

Used and in good condition. Shield is unused, just opened from packaging. PM me to deal!

(James Yong) #2


(Mweston) #3

I realize this is a bit late but do you happen to still have the arduino shield for sale?

(James Yong) #4

I may still have it, let me check. I’ll PM you my email, pls provide shipping address.

(James Yong) #5

I can’t figure out how to send messages. PM me your email address please.

(Turing Eret) #6

You wouldn’t happen to have yet another Arduino shield to sell? Or did the other guy pass on it?

(Mweston) #7

Just sent you a PM. Thanks.

(Kechu Trevino) #8

I also can’t figure out how to send you a PM…

I am interested, if you still have this available, please email me to so we can agree (cutting to the chase here…)


(Tom) #9

I am very interested if anyone has a Smartthings Arduino Shield for sale. Please contract me thomas.debaugh@maax,com.


(Andrew Mager) #10

We are working on getting more shields in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience!