Smartthings Sheild input voltage/connection question

Hi guys! So in my efforts to make a long range drive way / pool alarm, I think I finally found a good solution. I’m using a 1/2 beam system which transmits to a receiver inside my house. The system by HTZSAFE (although it’s just a cheap Chinese unit that I’ve seen rebranded) has relays out into that can go into an alarm panel. If I’m regeading their instructions right (and a little help from their support) their relays can be normally open and normally closed. Also, if im not mistaken, these outputs actually present voltage of up to 24v. (In fact their picture send to me is showing a resistor on the hot side of the circuit.)

So, my goal is to now integrate that with my Smartthings shield and theres where im.having the problem of not 100% understanding how that works. I’ve got my normal sensors in there, which I thought was just a basic loop. My assumption is that the system puts a small current through one side and returns back to common ground. (Probably something less than 5v but that’s my question) when theres a break in the circuit, the system no longer reads voltage and changes from closed to open.

So thars where I’m stuck, I’m missing how to wire this up to get it to detect when the system triggers the board to send a state change.

Any advice or help?

does the system your looking have a dry/no volts contact.
i would sugest a contanct sensor and bypass the reed switch to the relay in the beam system. ive done it on a few jobs to micro switchs pressur mats

please let me know how you get on, ive been looking for a cheap beam system to do this with. if the base unit is 5 volts it should be able to power the contact sensor so no need for batteries in that!

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Are you using an Arduino with the old SmartThings ThingShield on it? If so, can you please share your current Arduino Sketch + your wiring diagram? Happy to help once I understand your existing setup.

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Sure, actually the beams are wireless and trigger the base unit to chime. The base unit has dry contact relays out and have a NO/NC options. In talking on reddit, I think I had the live and common wires backwards since when I use my smart sprinklers the cylinoids dont care, but since this does need to flow in a certain direction, I was probably backwards.

I’m actually going to do a write up about it on my blog, make a post here, and on reddit. I’m not the only one who wants to monitor gates and doors over 600+ ft distances. I’m also surprised they dont make outdoor zwave gate/doorsensors. On the community I see people hacking it and using ziploc bags. But it’s kinda weird they dont have that product

Yeah, I’m using the arduino + shield. I’m not as drawing technical savvy but I can rock an mspaint diagram! I’ll make one tomorrow as I’m drinking coffee. In the office today and wont have time this evening due to a 2 year old. ( the beam system is actually going in front of my pool as another safety measure in addition to the magna lock gates)

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Okay! Found the problem. The instructions for this system were crap. Support emailed me and after talking to a nice Mr. Bill on reddit figured out that I had the wiring backwards. Now to finish everything and write up.some instructions for the project.