SmartThings SDK wifi ESP8266

I am trying to directly connect a node MCU to the SmartThings cloud using the provided SDK. I followed all the steps in the SmartThings Developer Documentation page but it does not specify how to connect to a WiFi network in order to connect to the cloud.

After setting everything up I build and flashed it to the device. Then an access point was created but there was no page. Before building, I added my WiFi credentials to menuconfig (Example Configuration) but this did not make a difference.

Could you please guide me on what to do.

Thank you very much

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Can you provide a link to the SDK you are referring to? I’m curious to see how they are suggesting that this be done now.

Update: I think I have found what you are referring to. Since the SDK uses Toolchain instead of the Arduino IDE to build software for the ESP8266, I can’t be of any help to you. I’ve never built using that platform. But I would suspect that something is not correct in your build environment or in the settings on the device.

Hi Ryan,

Thank you very much for your help. Is it possible to connect to the SmartThings cloud using the Arduino IDE without using the SmartThings hub? From what I read we do need it. If a hub is needed is there a way of using our own hub?

Thank you once again for your help.

I’m sure there is…but all of the ESP8266 implementations I am aware of require the hub as they use the hub’s local IP address for messaging.

Can anyone help on this? I’m facing the same issue :neutral_face:

Let’s tag @Brad_ST and @jody.albritton.

It looks like that the new SmartThings SDK documentation is not clear enough and people are unable to connect the ESP boards to the Wifi hotspot what they configured.

Can someone have a look and give some advice?

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For issues like this regarding the developer documentation, they are best reported to Dev Support.


Thank you so much @GSzabados and @Brad_ST, I will open a dev support request.

Cheers mate

Funny…the dev support site links back to here.

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If you are talking about,
Did you try to on-boarding device with SmartThings mobile client (not classic)?
SmartThings Device SDK designed to communicate with SmartThings mobile client to hand over wifi cridentials from client to device.

Below document would be helpful to you