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SmartThings Schema Device Profile: Can I create custom device profile?

(Jacques Uwamungu) #1

Hi All,

I am new to ST and I am working on an integration using the SmartThings Schema Connector. Currently I am using device handler types that are defined in the docs
( to describe my device’s capabilities (and they work fine). However, I need a new device handler types for a relay and a thermostat but I can’t see an option in the Developer Workspace to create a custom device profile when SmartThings Schema Connector.

Now my question is: Is there a way I can create a custom device profile while using SmartThings Schema Connector? If so, how? Or Is there a way around this?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hey Jacques,
You can create a device profile using this documentation:

Currently the platform requires integrations with ST Schema to have “published” device profile. We are working on removing this requirement for easier testing, but currently this criteria is a requirement. You can use the following API to “publish” your device profile, but please note that this is a one way street. You won’t be able to make edits to your profile after publishing and won’t be able to revert it back to development state either.

POST to{deviceProfileId}/status with the following JSON payload:
“deviceProfileStatus”: “PUBLISHED”

After this you can send this device profile id instead of the device handler type in ST Schema discovery response payload.

(Shruti) #3

hi I have the same issue. I cannot see the tab on my samsung account login which allows me to create a device profile. I understand that we need to publish but is there any space allocated to create a device profile and corresponding ID. This link does not mention that. Also is there a way to edit the existing standard device profile. Eg “c2c-rgbw-color-bulb” shows temperature range of 2200K-9000K on smartthings app. Is there a way that i can change this to 2500k-6500k