SmartThings Samsung TV - Showing Shows

New to SmartThings but I have several Samsung devices in the house so started using it. When I am watching a show it shows the app I am using on my TV. Has anyone heard if they are going to go farther with this as far as showing the exact show you are watching? For example right now I am watching Game of Thrones on the HBONOW app on my Samsung TV. I added my family to the SmartThings app and they can see I’m using HBONOW but not the show that I am watching.

Not that I have seen. It would be a nice feature though, along with media controls to pause/resume playback (Much like Chromecast does)

Yea I can only do volume, channel, and a couple other things on my Samsung TV from SmartThings. I guess in time.

I too only see the app icon on the three dot menu in the SmartThings Connect app for the app that’s running on a Samsung Q7D QLED HDTV.

However, when I’m tuned to the over the air TV stations, the SmartThings three dot menu shows me the channel logo, the channel number, the title of the show that’s being aired on the TV channel, and the time window that the show is being aired. So, you would think that they can do the same thing for the apps too.

Interesting. Yup in time.