SmartThings (Samsung Connect) UI Update - Android 1.7.27-25, iOS 1.6.27

I’m not seeing that on iOS @tado, but I do see what @Derek_Morais does with color temp.

Jd i know i can setup echo to do simple announcements, but echo doesn’t do the announcements based on multiple triggers. I only do a few announcements like that but i will say alit of these programs that people wrote really do enhance smartthings in general & makes it stand out from other home automation brands.

Echo doesn’t have to. :sunglasses:

Put all of your complex logic on the SmartThings side, however many triggers you want, and then for the “that” just turn on a virtual contact sensor as described in the FAQ link I gave you.

That virtual contact sensor coming on can be the single trigger for the Echo announcement.

The primary advantage in the case under discussion being that then you can use the inexpensive Echo Dot as your text to speech speaker. :microphone:

@JDRoberts do correct when you say inexpensive speaker & consudering its being used just for simple sayings. I was just fiddling with the virtual switch but it only makes it a light switch…not a contact sensor. Echo only sees contact sensors in its routine setup.

But im sure all these complex setups will pkay nice with bixby

Please read the FAQ. It has all the details and I don’t want to clutter up this thread. But you have to use the DTH in the FAQ and then it will appear as both a switch and a contact sensor which allows you to use it in an echo routine. Again, please read the FAQ as it has what you need to know to use this method.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?


Ok jd. Ill look at that now.

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I would recommend against toggling the device activity off in the new apps History. I turned it off/on and now no device history going forward. Tried uninstall/reinstall of app - no luck. Device history still exists in classic app and IDE. :roll_eyes:

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I hope issues such as this & with the automation can be fixed quickly.

I’m not seeing it but did they fix the SHM to arm/disarm on presence? Also unlock a door?

When trying to setup some automations they cant be saved. I setup a simple one to turn on the lights based on 2 motions & it didnt work.

nope. Still not allowed.

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Is there a way for the new app to send text messages? I used “notify me when” on the old app. I do not see a comparable feature on the new app.

not that i’ve seen

Can anyone be kind & tel me how ro setup a vitual switch? I installed the custom dth but am loat after that. Thanks.

login to classic and use the virtual switch creator app in the marketplace.

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I did but i need the contact sensor so i can use it with alexa.

ahhh, yeah. you manually create it in the device list in the IDE and then assign that device type you installed.

Could you be a little more specific. I read the post but it doesnt say how ro make the contact/switch sensor. I also googled it but nothing on how to create that one. Thanks.

New update - was it tested?

  • Changes to ordering of devices are not being saved (even though the save button is pushed). Goes back to old order on app reset
  • notifications history is blank…is that just me?
  • huge space at top of home screen. Wasteful.

Samsung support just said use the old app …not massively helpful.

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