Currys SmartThings Bundle £999.99

Obviously a typo, but

SAMSUNGSMA SmartThings Starter Kit, Home Security Camera & Moisture Sensor Bundle

Cost £999.99 - collect instore only

As always, Currys are overpriced.

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great offer. Just bought two :smiley:

they’ll keep it at this price for 14days then claim to give an 80% discount! :grin:

I bought four starter kits (usually £199.99) for £149.99 recently.

Then I sold two of the presence sensors and three of the hubs. Leaving me with
2 Presence sensors, 4 plugs, 4 door sensors and 4 motion sensors.

Initial outlay was £600 and I recouped roughly £275 (not inc eBay fees)

Considering I was going to buy the extras anyway individually I saved quite a bit.

The really funny joke is that it’s actually an empty box… I’ve flagged this to get addressed.

that the demo devices?