Custom Device Handler for Wink Relay? (2016)

So I really needed an intercom system in my house and the Wink Relays were only $70 so I bought a couple to try them out. So far so good, but obviously I need the switches to be controlled via SmartThings. I really thought there would already be a custom device handler out there for this :slight_smile: Guess maybe I should have looked first? Is there a custom device handler out there? Obviously it would be great if it could read other sensor info from the wink relay but I would be very happy if it could just control the 2 switches.


I doubt it.

The Wink relay is a locked down proprietary device that is very difficult to hack.

It is not intended for compatibility with any other system.

Well I was thinking a ‘cloud’ integration, similar to how smartthings/wink connect to Amazon Alexa, etc.

Google for “wink api” … you might find something to experiment with. I just doubt they allow access to the Relay, but could be wrong.

Well, currently I am doing some serious jury rigging… So, I have created an IFTTT for ‘if bottom button on wink relay gets pressed, turn on smartthings switch virtualHall’. I’ve created a virtual switch in smartthings called virtualHall, which if it gets turned on runs a Core piston to send an HTTP request to my INSTEON ISY to set a variable, then sets the virtual switch back to off, and the variable triggers an ISY program to either turn the light on or off, depending on it’s current state, then reset the variable back. Trying to test it now… This at least lets me make use of the ‘useless’ 2nd button on the ISY. If I get that working acceptably then I’d like to get shortcuts on the Wink itself to do certain things… That might be much harder to pull off…

It’s a good thing I have fiber to home with very fast/reliable gigabit internet :slight_smile: Making this many cloud hops…

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Well, I’ve tested every hop completely through and everything is working EXCEPT for the Wink Relay to Trigger the IFTTT applet. I’m hoping it’s because I just created the applet and maybe it takes time for the wink integration/applet creation to all get synced up and working… Otherwise Wink/IFTTT are having issues talking to each other even though it found the Wink’s just fine…

Well hmmm… So I have things working in reverse order, IE a Core piston turning off the Wink Relay controlled lights via IFTTT using a smartthings virtual switch. That works great, but the stupid Relay won’t trigger IFTTT. Turns out, it’s only one of the relays. The other relay triggers IFTTT just fine. So, I’ve tried completely removing the integration and then adding it back in, didn’t help. So I’ve emailed Wink support, I guess we’ll see where things go from there.

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Drop IFTTT and try Stringify. It allows you to say, “If ST does X, then tell Wink Relay to do X.” I have a door sensor on my hallway closet, but my hallway light is connected to a Wink Relay. So, I set it up to turn on and off the Wink Relay switch for the hallway light based on the ST condition of being open or closed. There is maybe a half a second delay, compared to IFTTT, which can take 10 minutes.


Thanks, I’ll look into it.

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Not much of a coder but I cant believe someone hasnt’ found a way to create a ST android APP to install on the relay’s giving us functionality of all sensors and mic/speaker and reporting.

There isn’t an app but you can still find a workaround to take advantage of the motion sensor but not the mic tho

Yeah , iv’e read up and found all that but still think there should be a way to take it and not just kinda use it, but make it fully functional in the ST environment. Would be nice to have the intercom/sensors working/feeding ST. Be able to use it to monitor or control ST and possibly even have a keypad screen come up when set to “Armed Away” so you can enter a disarm code upon entering the home.

The uses and options could be endless with this hardware and a proper ST integration

Has anyone made any progress on this? I own over 20+ Wink Relay switches, and two Wink Hub 2’s. The Wink support is the EXTREMELY TERRIBLE, and the worst support I’ve ever seen. I do own a Samsung SmartThings Hub (v2), and I was hoping to at least be able to integrate my Wink products (and Wink Relay Switches) with my Samsung SmartThings Hub (v2), and it sure would be great to get SmartThings running on the Wink Relay hardware.

What happens if Wink goes out of business? I understand just helped buy them out, because they were in bankruptcy, but what happens if I’m left with thousands of dollars worth of Wink hardware that I can’t even use, because Wink goes out of business, or discontinues support for the BRAND NEW PRODUCTS that I just purchased within the last 2-3 weeks? Plus I have another 20 Wink Relay switches (on order) that I’m installing for customers nearly every single week.

I’m just concerned that there is no support (Developer Community, or Developer Support) or any third-party developer support (Can’t get Wink Hub v2 or Wink Relay switches to work with third-party hardware like monoprice sensors, or any sensors, or anything that is not “wink certified” and very few products are “wink certified” and it seems impossible to even get anything working with the Wink or Wink products). Their “Wink Support” is terrible, and when I visit the Samsung SmartThings community, it seems like this is where all the developers/users are at, and just about everything works with SmartThings, while almost NOTHING works with the Wink products.

It’s great Wink hardware, but very terrible Developers support, very terrible (non-existent) developer community, and no technical support (or engineering/dev support) at all with the Wink products. It seems very “dead end”, and it’s scary to spend that much money into a “Wink ecosystem” and not have any third-party product support.

I would feel more comfortable if I could at least get Smart Things running on my Wink Relay switches, and use BOTH a SmartThings App, and/or Wink App on my Wink Relay switches. That way if I can’t get Wink to help (or do anything, and the Wink community slowly dies, at least I can continue using my Wink Relay switches).

I have trouble tickets open for MONTHS when dealing with Wink Support. They are the WORST technical support EVER, and nobody speaks any english. NONE! They just “cut and paste” something from their knowledge base, and send it to you as a response (after waiting 3 weeks to a month). Very slow, and just useless support. Worst company/support ever.

I’ve been reading some good things about SmartThings, and I’m really hoping that I can integrate the Wink products with my Samsung SmartThings Hub (v2), and use both SmartThings (and Wink). I do have a Wink Hub 2, and about 20+ Wink Relay switches installed. I’m just hoping that I can get SmartThings integration with the Wink products, so I have a choice as to which “ecosystem” I want to use. It’s difficult getting third-party support for Wink, and the number of products (third-party) that work with Wink are very limited as well, but the Wink hardware is some of the nicest that I’ve ever seen. Just their tech support, and engineering support, and their development community is TERRIBLE and WORST to work with (doesn’t exist). There is NO Development Community, like this “SmartThings Community”.

Hopefully someone can get these Wink Relays working with SmartThings. Please let me know if I can help, or be of assistance. I’m hoping that this can get done, and a few users/developers can work on SmartThings integration with the Wink Hub 2, and Wink Relay switches.

It would be extremely nice to be able to use the Wink Relays (as almost an Android device, which it is) and be able to select/choose between the “Wink App” and “SmartThings App” and choose which to run or use, that way if devices/features are not available in Wink, at least it will work with SmartThings.

I’ve spent thousand of dollars on Wink hardware, and I’m really disappointed with the terrible Wink support, and lack of “Wink Community” and lack of Wink help (and lack of Wink integration) with third-party sensors/hardware being unsupported, and not working with Wink.

Has anyone managed to get SmartThings working on a Wink Relay yet? Has any progress been made on this? I have a LOT of sensors, and can’t even use any of the hardware that I purchased, because Wink is going bankrupt (and out of business) and their support doesn’t even speak English, and Wink doesn’t currently support their own products (or third-party developers, or third-party sensors). Each new Wink release seems to remove more and more “supported hardware” and the Wink ecosystem seems to be dying. Great hardware, but terrible support and terrible company, and terrible ecosystem.

Samsung did the right thing with SmartThings, and left things “open source” and “open community” and let developers work together, and add support for just about anything and everything will work with SmartThings, which is just the opposite of what Wink has done. Hopefully I can get SmartThings running on my android (Wink Relay) switches, and get the Wink Relays working with my SmartThings Hub.

Yes, I completely agree. I just spent several thousands of dollars on purchasing Wink Relay switches and Wink Hub 2 (and “Wink” hardware), and I feel as though I have been “robbed” by Wink. They have TERRIBLE (non-existent support), no engineering, no developer community, no developers (that support their hardware) and no third-party integration, or support for third-party sensors (such as basic Z-Wave Plus security sensors by Monoprice), and I can’t even get basic “Monoprice” sensors (alarm sensors, motion sensors, etc.) working with Wink products!

I’ve contacted Wink support and opened several trouble tickets, and everything remains unresolved, and Wink support is completely useless.

I really wish I could just get “SmartThings” running on the Wink Relay switches, and then abandon the Wink ecosystem (and terrible “Wink” software) and just run the “SmartThings” app (android app) on my Wink hardware that I purchased, but still use my Wink Relay switches/hardware that I purchased (using just plain Android OS, and the Samsung SmartThings Android App/software on my Wink Hardware). That way I don’t want to have to flush thousands of dollars (in Wink hardware) that I purchased down the toilet, because Wink chooses not to support (or fix or update or support) their hardware (that I purchased), or even support standard Z-Wave Plus (which is what they marketed the “Wink Hub 2” as supporting) and it’s one of the main reasons WHY I purchased their Wink Hub 2 was for Z-Wave Plus device support, but most Z-Wave Plus sensors (and Z-Wave Plus hardware) don’t work with the Wink Relay, or Wink Hub 2 (unsupported in the Wink Relay and Wink Hub 2). And Wink support is COMPLETELY useless… NOBODY speaks any English, and can’t even respond with a helpful response, or get anything working. Wink support just tells me that nothing is supported.

I completely agree! I love the Wink Relay automation wall switches (two switches builtin and a nice android touchscreen, plus a nice microphone, and temp/humidity sensors), it’s GREAT HARDWARE, but the “Wink company” is just terrible company, and they are going out of business (in the process of getting “bought out” in current bankruptcy). So it’s very unsettling, and for someone that has spent thousands of dollars on Wink hardware (and has done hundreds of “Wink Installations” for clients, I have several thousand Wink devices that I have personally installed over the past 1-2 years) and now I’m uncertain what is even going to happen, and will that hardware become useless if Wink goes “belly up”? Everything depends on the “Wink Cloud”, and nothing will work if that goes down.

I agree, and it would also create a “safety net” for Wink owners/users that have purchased Wink hardware, and at least can get it running with Samsung SmartThings, and works with Samsung SmartThings Hub, and can run SmartThings on the Wink Relay wall switches.

At least if “Wink” goes out of business (which is looks like it is…), then at least owners of Wink hardware can still have an ‘alternative’ to run SmartThings on their Wink hardware, and use the Wink Relay switches with their Samsung SmartThings hub, and SmartThings compatible products.

All of the Monoprice sensors that I purchased work with SmartThings, but NOTHING works with Wink. So I really need to get some type of “SmartThings” integration working on the Wink Relays, so I can use all of my Monoprice sensors with the Wink devices.

Wink support is 100% completely useless. They don’t speak any English, and they take weeks/months to even respond. I gave them a 1-star review (on Google Play store) for their Wink App, and very poor support. They don’t even have an app for Amazon Fire tablets, or FireTV. I tried contacting their Wink Support, and they don’t speak any english, and can’t even read (or respond) in English, all they do is “cut and paste” a response (from their computer screen/knowledge base) and don’t even answer any of your questions or request for help.

Wink has the worst support ever, but it’s great hardware, and I just need to find a way to get these Wink Relay switches (that I own, and are MINE) to work with the SmartThings ecosystem.

Yeah, agreed! Has any work been done on this? Has anyone gotten SmartThings running (side-by-side) with the Wink App? It would be great, to take the hardware down to the Android base OS, and then install SmartThings App (android app) onto the Wink Relay (android OS), and then run both the SmartThings App (android), and the Wink App (android) on the Wink Relay switch (android OS).

That way users can choose and select which software/app they want to run, and which ecosystem they want to use (so if “Wink” goes out of business, at least we can use the SmartThings App, and keep/use our current hardware without fear of it no longer functioning, once Wink goes out of business, and their Wink cloud system shuts down, and Wink users are stuck with millions of dollars worth of garbage/useless hardware.

Just like what “Jawbone” did to it’s users/customers… just about a month ago. I don’t want to be in this same situation (which I’m currently in) with Wink hardware not being supported (and Wink going bankrupt and out of business).

This is the same thing that happened to Jawbone users:

Millions of Jawbone users purchased brand new Jawbone trackers, and days/weeks later, the company decided to ‘stop supporting’ Jawbone Fitness Trackers, and now people are left with useless hardware that they can’t use, and it’s useless. Tens of millions of dollars (in users money) went up in smoke. With no recourse for users.

Jawbone doesn’t answer calls, doesn’t respond to support requests. Same thing with Wink.

I’ve been fighting with their customer support/service for months now, and it’s non-existent. Even after reading (and leaving) bad reviews, they say “contact support” and when I do, my support requests go unanswered, or I get a silly response (from someone that doesn’t speak any English) after waiting 30+ days for a response.

Yes SmartThings (and Samsung) offer better support, they are a more stable company, larger user/customer base, and much larger development community. Wink is just a small tiny startup, that is failing, and has already failed (and gone bankrupt). Depending on who buys them out (or buys up their remains/assets in liquidation in bankruptcy court), but currently Wink users are left with NO SUPPORT, NO HELP, and stuck with tens of thousands of dollars worth of Wink hardware that is USELESS without any Wink support.

I do agree that the uses and options could be endless with this decent “Wink hardware” that can no longer be used, because Wink no longer supports their hardware (and their business/company is bankrupt). These Wink switches are readily available and still sitting on shelves. I’ve purchase a LOT of them, and just wish I could use these switches, and get them working (with Z-Wave Plus devices, such as the Monoprice sensors), and it would be nice to have SmartThings App running on my Wink Relay (android os) switches, so at least I could use my SmartThings hub (if and when Wink completely shuts their cloud down, and goes out of business for good).

I just want to be prepared, and at least not be stuck with all of my hardware that no longer works, because Wink decided to “pull the plug” on its customers (just like Jawbone did last month). It’s quite common in the Tech sector for small startups to go bankrupt (and then liquidate their assets) and then customers are screwed because their hardware that they purchased no longer works (and is unsupported) and without the “Wink cloud” nothing works with the Wink hardware, so I don’t want to be dependent on “Wink” and definitely want to be able to run the “SmartThings” android app, on my Wink Relay (android-based hardware) and just get the SmartThings Android App running on the Wink Relay hardware (on a recent version of Android OS) so that way I can choose between the “Wink App” (android-based) and the “SmartThings App” (android based) and if one of the companies goes out of business (i.e. Wink) at least my hardware will still work (and function) with my other Samsung SmartThings products, as well as with my Amazon Alexa devices, and my other “smart home” hardware that I’ve purchased.

I really think this is a “must have” for current Wink users, and it’s also extremely important for Samsung SmartThings users. I own BOTH hardware, and I just want my Wink Relay switches to work with my Samsung SmartThings Hub, and Samsung products. Wink does NOTHING to support any of my current Z-Wave Plus devices (including Monoprice Z-Wave security sensors) and NOTHING works with my Wink products/hardware that I’ve purchased, because Wink won’t fix their broken products, or add support for third-party Z-Wave Plus hardware (which they insisted their Wink Hub 2 works and supports Z-Wave Plus protocols and products) but the Wink Hub 2 hardware (and cloud-based software) does not! Users have waited years, just to get the “intercom” function working (that they paid for, and couldn’t use for YEARS) because Wink is such a terrible company, and such terrible support. They release hardware, but then don’t support it. So users get screwed with useless hardware that doesn’t work, and doesn’t function.

I do need help getting SmartThings running on my Wink Relay hardware. Please help!

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If you have purchased stuff within the last 30 days, I recommend returning it while you still can.

After Wink is shutdown, there will be no recourse.

I’ve already been “strung along” by Wink (and Wink Support) and Wink takes 30+ days to respond to “trouble tickets” or “support requests”. I currently have trouble tickets that have been over for OVER 30+ days now. Wink support is COMPLETELY USELESS, and terrible. So I’m already screwed on thousands of dollars of brand new Wink Hardware that I’ve purchased.

I have a shiny new “Wink Hub 2”, and over 20+ Wink Relay switches, that were just installed, and now I’m finding that Wink doesn’t support it’s products, and it takes over 30+ days to even get help/response from Wink support (non-english speaking support that is completely useless) and there is no “Wink Developer Community” (Developer Community) to fall back on (for help or support). So I already realize that I’m screwed.

I really think that a “Class Action” lawsuit needs to be filed against Wink, and that Wink needs to “open source” it’s software/apps/hardware, so that users can still use their hardware (even after Wink goes out of business). Wink is not supporting their current hardware (brand new), and it doesn’t work with anything. I can’t get any help from support, and simple basic things (like using Z-Wave Plus standardized hardware) should be simple, and work right out of the box, with Wink products (but doesn’t). I have several open trouble tickets, and it looks like I made a big BIG BIG mistake by going with Wink products. It’s a very poorly run company, doesn’t take care of it’s customers, and terrible foreign-based (non-english speaking) useless/worthless support (or should I say “lack thereof”). So I’m pretty screwed as a Wink user/customer. I’m just looking for “options” now, as to what to do with my Wink hardware, and trying to figure out a way that I can somehow get SmartThings to run on it, and “salvage” the hardware (and thousands of dollars that I’ve already wasted on purchasing Wink hardware/products).

So I’m just hoping that there is a way that I can “salvage” the hardware (that I’ve spent thousands of dollars on) and get it working with Samsung SmartThings, so I can at least use the Wink Relay switches that I’ve purchased.

It seems like nice hardware, but I just want to get SmartThings running on them, so if (and when) Wink goes bankrupt (and “belly up”) and “pulls the plug” on their Wink servers/cloud, and at least if I can get SmartThings running on my Wink Relays, so I won’t be completely screwed if Wink goes out of business, because all of the current Wink Relay switches are “cloud based” and depend on a Wink login/password account and Wink App to configure (again cloud-based) and if Wink pulls the plug on it’s Wink servers, then I (and millions of other Wink users) are out left in the cold, with no support, and useless non-working Wink hardware (that is not being updated or supported). I can’t even get basic Monoprice sensors (door/window) Z-Wave Plus standard sensors (that work with SmartThings right out of the box) to work with the Wink Relay or Wink Hub 2. Wink support has been completely useless.

So I’m just preparing myself for the inevitable, and trying to get SmartThings working on my Wink Relay hardware (that I own). Are there any tutorials, hacks, open source software/apps/projects that I can reference to start working on this, and getting OPEN SOURCE software running on my Wink Relay hardware? Something that is supported (and open source) and that the community can work together on adding new devices/hardware/support and features? Because “Wink” hardware is great hardware, but their “Developer Community” and “Support” doesn’t exist. It’s impossible getting any help from Wink (or support) on brand new products that I purchased.

Wink will just “string you along” (beyond your 30-day window) and then respond with “Sorry, we no speak English, and no help you… we not supported it, and it no works”. That’s about the “gist” of “help” that I’ve been receiving from “Wink” support. It’s terrible. They just “cut and paste” random knowledge base articles into an email response. Which have NOTHING to do with your question, or complaint, or request for hardware support.

So how do I get SmartThings running on my Wink Relay? That’s my question. It’s an Android-based device, there must be some way to get an Android “SmartThings” app written, or working on it the Wink Relay. Any ideas as to how? Any open source products/software that I can reference, or any articles about projects to get this done?

Wink seems to be really “dead end”, and it probably won’t be around in another year or so. So I’m just trying to get SmartThings running on my Wink Relay switches, and I already own a SmartThings Hub (v2). If Wink “pulls the plug” on their Wink cloud (and my “Wink Hub 2” goes belly up, at least I’ll own a Samsung SmartThings Hub v2, and I’m just trying to get my Wink Relay switches working with SmartThings, so I’m not reliant on Wink, or the defunct “Wink” company/support (that has abandoned it’s users with “lack of support” for months/years).

As a “screwed” Wink customer, that owns both a Wink Hub 2, and a SmartThings Hub (v2), I definitely need the help! I really need to get these “Wink Relay” switches migrated over and working with SmartThings. Thank-you!

There are a few folks who managed to get a browser and ActionTiles working on the relay, which is more than enough, right? (well… Except for control of the physical line switches, but SmartThings App won’t do that either!).

I’ll try to find a ref, but search the Community and Google??

I’ve done a few Google searches, and I found a prior website, that posted some information, but it seems that the website has been taken down, and any references have been removed.

I can’t seem to find anything to get me migrated over to SmartThings running on the Wink Relay switches. :frowning:

I really wish we could start an “Open Source” project (on GitHub) and work on getting a current version of Android running on the Wink Relay switches, and then just get the SmartThings (android app) running on the Wink Relay (as an App) and also get the Wink App (running as an Android app) on the Wink Relay.

That way Wink hardware owners/users have a CHOICE as to what app they want to run on their hardware/switches, and if Wink does “pull the plug” on their Wink servers, at least my Wink Relay switches (that I spent thousands of dollars on) will continue to run, and I can just run SmartThings (and use a Samsung SmartThings hub and Alexa) if Wink does go belly up (which is most likely the case, based on the lack of support and no Wink community).

Yeah, unfortunately I do have to make sure that the “Physical Line Switches” do function and work (and I can turn the lights on and off, using both software and hardware physical switches) and I’m trying to get something “open source” written/developed, that we can continue using the Wink Relay switches (with similar functionality) that will continue to work (and not rely on the “Wink Servers” and “Wink” as a bankrupt company) so that way my Wink Relay wall switches will work (when Wink goes out of business/bankrupt).

I don’t want to be like another “Jawbone” customer, when a defunct bankrupt company (i.e. Wink) pulls the plug on it’s user base, and stops providing support (or even worse, shuts its servers down) and users have no third-party option to use (or to go to).

So I’m really looking for a viable alternative/solution, as to how to keep my brand new Wink Relay hardware running (and “Open Source”) so that it can be easily modified, updated, and kept working (even if “Wink” goes under). Are there any “open source” projects/software that I can get running on the Wink Relay? (Projects similar to running “DD-WRT” open source firmware on a normal router?)

I’d be willing to start a new project (Open Source Project) but I’m just looking for others that have done (or are trying to do) something similar, so I’m not “re-inventing the wheel” if someone else has already done it (or started to do it). So at least I can “partner” up with them, and work towards finding a solution, and getting something working/running on these Wink Relay switches.

Wink seems pretty unstable, and I’d prefer to move towards something more “Open Source” software/app and that is fully compatible with SmartThings (and all SmartThings compatible hardware).

Has any work been done to get the latest version of android running on the Wink Relay wall switches, and also get the mic/humidity/thermal sensors working in the latest version of android? Also has any work been done on getting the line switches working, from within an open-source SmartThings-compatible App? It would be nice to have an open-source app that works with BOTH Wink and SmarThings running on an open-source (latest version of Android) that we can keep as an Open Source Project (on GitHub), and just work on keeping it updated, and others can join in on the project.

I’d greatly appreciate any help/links that you can provide. I’m looking for resources/help, and a general direction as to how to get this done (and see what others in the same/similar situation have done so far) with the Wink Relay wall switches. They seem like great hardware, but “Wink” support is terrible, and the company is bankrupt, and I don’t want to be stuck with thousands of dollars of “useless” hardware that I can’t use, and isn’t currently supported. Wink doesn’t seem to support their hardware (even though I purchased it BRAND NEW). So I’m just looking for help from the SmartThings community, and “open source” community to find a way/alternative to keep this hardware working/running, and use it with my home automation system (and with a Samsung SmartThings Hub v2). So that way I have full compatibility with SmartThings and SmartThings compatible hardware/devices (while using my Wink Relay wall switches to control them).

The more compatibility the better, of course! ActionTiles just requires a contemporary browser, so that might be a little easier to achieve; though full “APK” support would be great too.

The challenge?

Android device makers are able to lock the bootloader using firmware, and without an unlocked bootloader, it can be 99% (maybe 100%) impossible to load a different Android OS “ROM” image onto the device.

Sometimes full “unlock” is not required, and just “rooting” is sufficient, because then certain key OS files can be swapped out and that’s enough to install APKs, etc.

Where to start?

The “bible” for Android device hacking is XDA. Folks there have figured out almost every phone and tablet on the market!

Here’s a topic thread for Wink Relay:

But just for kicks, I also found this 4 or 5 month old Reddit which seems to indicate some success:

Do you mind if I ask why you liked the Relay so much? I bought 2 of them because I wanted the intercom feature and they looked pretty cool, but I could never get them to seat solidly on the wall well. That was one of my main issues with the relay, it just felt wobbly/flimsy on the wall and came off way too easily. Not trying to offend, genuinely curious as I didn’t have a good experience with them, but really wanted to.