Wink Relay. What do I do with this thing?

So I found a Wink Relay for a penny at Home Depot! I bought one for $130 on an open box special 2 years ago when I first got into my smart home journey. By then, I was already invested in Smartthings and Alexa. So the thing was pretty much a pretty double switch for $130 to me, so I returned it. Anyway, I installed the one I got for a penny and have no idea what to do with it! I installed a home button, chrome, and total launcher. Now what? The only thing I can think of is using it as a keypad for my smartthings alarm setup. Is it possible to set it up to where it comes on as the keypad compatible with my smartthings alarm when I approach it? Or does anyone else have another suggestion?

Here are a couple of project reports from other community members:



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Sorry about that. Thanks! I wasn’t looking to actually intergrate it with Smartthings per se. I’m basically looking to know if there is a keypad app I can set this thing to as a default so I can arm and disarm my alarm. That’s why I figured I’d ask on a new thread.

ActionTiles can control SHM arm/disarm with PIN protection, and, with effort, you can run ActionTiles on the Wink Relay, per the preceding linked Topics.