Smartthings repeat sending text message if condition is met?

Just getting devices migrated and working again.
The old IDE (Groove) let me configure a Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 sensor to repeat sending text messages if a condition was met. Example, if the Zooz sensor detected the freezer temperature was too warm (above 15 degrees F) it would send me text messages every 10 minutes or something like that.

I have the Zooz temperature configured and working but it will only send one text when the temperature it too warm.

How do I configure Smartthings to repeat sending a text message every X minutes?

look at SharpTools. It may require the premium version to get the functionality you seek.

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To solution this situation within ST I use TAustin’s Edge counter utility. Takes several extra routines to handle the starting and stopping of the counter, but otherwise has worked great. What I do is include the counter time as an OR condition of the initial trigger, then as part of the action, send the notice and hit reset on the timer.