Smartthings questions

Dear Team,

I have some quick questions :
2- I live in Egypt and I am intending to order it from US and ship it to Egypt; will it be compatible? 220v? I guess there’s no problem here since the hub uses a wall compatible adapter…
3- After doing a research, here in Egypt we are like europe, we use European Zwave products (wall plugs, dimmers and switches all 220V), if I get any Zwave accessory, will it pair with Smartthings?
2- What does it exactly do? okay, sensors and notifications, etc… the question is, does it include wall socket to which I can connect my TV and receivers for instance and I can turn them on using the app? like Belkin Wemo?

Thought I replied to this but it doesn’t show up;
110/200 - doesn’t matter as long as the output is 5vdc via USB to power the hub; shouldn’t be a problem in Egypt.
I would check with but I believe Egypt run on euro spec frequencies for z-wave.
3. That’s a loaded question. Google up Home automation, zwave, smartthings, etc. - if you don’t know what it will do you need a primer on HA - it can so almost anything but there are caveats depending on the system, components, configuration and you own knowledge level since advanced functionality will require a level of programming and z-wave, by definition, requires an understanding of the topology issues in mesh networking and a host of other factors.