SmartThings Presence Sensors hooked to Car battery?

These Sensors have a short battery life. Im thinking of hooking it up to the car. I know 12v is too much. Ill have to bring it down to 3v but im wondering if anyone has tried or done this yet?
Maybe something like this?

Nice idea. I have both of my sensors in my cars. Makes sense.

Grab a cheap USB car charger and hack it? it only puts out 5VDC and I would hope the on board voltage regulator of the fob should handle 5 instead of 3.3. :wink:

That’s True. hmmm Ill let you guys know the result

I have, and you want an adjustable buck converter, such as this:

If you feed these things more than 3V they will complain about over voltage.
I would not feed 5V into any of the battery powered sensors.

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no issues with 5vdc.

Chopping up a car adapter mini-USB charger is cheap if you already have them.

FYI the power locks are powered at all times.

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