Since the smartpresence tags are battery eaters

My wife (and me partially) is fed up with the battery consumption of the smartpresence tags… basically one a month give or take a week…

Thus I just thought of one thing…

Could it be possible to use a USB beacon connected to a raspberry pi and when the pi found X device within range, then it must mean it’s at home…

Thoughts? Ideas?


sounds like you are carrying them around. If you can leave teh fobs in the car then you can permanently power from car battery. Identify an always-on circuit in the car (like door locks, but don’t use door locks if you’ve got another circuit less essential).

THere is a greater chance of running the car battery down if you leave the car sitting a long time. Also they occasionally malfunction and draw more juice than expected, running the battery down faster. If your battery is in bad shape to start with, then this addition can help you buy a new one.

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Nice idea… It would work IF I lived in a single family home… but the fact is I live in a 6th floor, and the garage is 2 floors underground… no way the signal can get thru! So I need something else… I tried the smartthings app, but I don’t want the cleaning company to have permanent access to my lights/HVAC!

Can you both use your phones as presence sensors? I have my garage capable of using either fob or iPhone.

I can, but they’re too unreliable (at least mine) and take a while to report that I’ve arrived… :hushed:

My iPhone phone “arrives” a few seconds before the fob. I think I’ve seen 2 versions of fob. A round one and, like mine, a small rectangular one. Which do you have? Mine is at 88% after 6 weeks assuming the reporting is accurate.

My phone can arrive from a few seconds early to 2 hours late! Lol!

I’ve got the round Kickstarter euro version…

Oh and it’s down at 25% after barely 3 weeks!

Maybe see if they’ll let you swap it for a newer one. I dunno… 2hours isn’t too long. What’s the hurry? :grinning:

right now no “hurry”… BUT I do plan to have an alarm system… and it should deactivate itself upon arrival… It wouldn’t be nice to have the siren go off at night because the batteries ran out… would it?

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Sorry. I was making a stupid joke about 2 hour delay. It’s hardly asking too much to ask for quicker recognition.

lol! don’t worry!

I’m baffled anyways…

Yesterday, it took my phone a good 30 mins to admit it was AT home…

This morning, it said it left the building, almost immediately!