SmartSense - Augmenting Power?

(Darryl) #1

So, I have a spare SmartSense that died on me, due to the battery “holder” clip loosened up and no longer provided the device power. Has anyone tried to pop off this portion of the device, and try to wire in another battery? I am thinking of trying to find a way to plug a AA battery in, wrap it up nicely, and keep it in the car…

Any thoughts? I know basics of soldering, took an electrical course long time ago, but really am not strong enough in this to execute this. If I recall I would need to regulate the voltage from a 3.2V to a 2V (If I recall correct that’s the battery it currently takes)—then just a matter of figuring out where to solder too…


(Andrew Urman) #2

Which SmartSense sensor?

(Darryl) #3

@urman Sorry, the most critical part of that was left out!! Presence Detector.

(Andrew Urman) #4

3V will be perfect. So two AA, AAA, or AAAA batteries should work.

(Darryl) #5

Then just voltage regulate it down?

(Andrew Urman) #6

no, input voltage is 3V.