Max SmartThings Presence Sensor Voltage?

(Derek Brooks) #1

Does anyone happen to know the max voltage on the SmartThings Presence sensor?

It uses a 2032 - 3V battery but I’m wondering if it can take anything higher…
1 of the chips soldered to the board appears to say 6V on it?

Mine are the original tags from the KickStarter, but I understand the new ones have the same internals.

(Ray) #2

Why don’t you try and let us know? Just kidding. I went up to 4volts the last time I was playing with it. 6v is a little to high for my comfort. One of the chip could take 6v but the rest of the board might not.

(Mike Maxwell) #3

Get some mini Chinese adjustable buck converters off eBay…
I ordered a pile of them…