Presence sensors no longer working - No support (Nov 2018)

Tried removing and readding, tried stock device type, tried custom device type, tried brand new sensor. Whatever I do a they constantly show they have left and then come back even when only 20 feet from hub. Appears to be worse at peak times, like they lowered the priority of server response.

Up until a week or two ago they were working fine.They broke something and will not admit it. To make thinks worse support will not support me as my email is and my account is kahn-st@zzz.Com ,( a submailbox) and they will no longer support me because I cannot mail from the submailbox.

Funnily enough yesterday I had an issue with my presence sensor that I put in the car…my garden lights kept turning on and I wondered why…it was because apparently the car kept leaving and arriving, but it looks ok today.

Ya I had to disable all automations or it was arming and disarming the house and opening garage doors.

IMO, presence detection has been the one area where SmartThings has always faltered. Even when you see improved stability elsewhere, presence has ALWAYS been bad.

Not to say this is not because of other issues (like battery optimization) at times, but overall I think most people gave up on using the native presence detection for automation, because it’s so unreliable.

Look around and you’ll find plenty of alternative methods, like reacting to WiFi connectivity to Tasker / GPS / hybrid methods.

Me personally, I had a similar setup with a sensor in each car, a sensor in each key chain AND mobile presence via smartphones and even with all the logic in the world I had issues, primarily because you’d have conflicting reports from devices.

I just ended up doing basic convenience features based on what little reliability there was, and threw away anything that had to do with opening / closing / locking things.

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Mine has been behaving normally. Has anything changed with your zigbee or WiFi network?

No change in routers or network. Worked fine for 3 years. I have a switch in the garage to boost signal. And signal issues woukdnt explain why it doesn’t work 20 feet from hub and why for long stretches it works fine and then not. I believe it is a server issue in St side as even stock device type is in the cloud.

Seemed to start after firmware upgrade

I have two presence sensors. And one of them is down since couple of days. Its not working even after i remove and re-insert the batteries. I guess i do need to reset and re-add it.

any chance the switch in the garage changed its 2.4 ghz channel and is overlapping with the zigbee channel? hub firmware wouldn’t impact a cloud device.

no the switch in the garage is a zigbee switch to repeat just for that reason… so not a wifi switch.

sorry, coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. thought you meant wifi network switch.

when I do have to one reset mine, I seem to have better luck resetting and pairing in place instead of bringing close to the hub.

no presence problems recently,

at one time my presence departure timeout was 7 minutes - can we no longer change that value?

also the wireless environment is invisible so changes are not obvious. Even a new phone charger can screw it up.