Smartthings pool heat pump project—suggestions needed

Hello, I have a Hayward Summit XL 50amp 140,000 BTU electric pool heat pump. I am trying to make a simple on/off smartthings switch for it. On the computer board there are 2 terminals for a remote switch (open/close). I am assuming I can easily hook up a dry contact relay like the mimolite for example, to those 2 terminals, please correct me if i am wrong. The other piece is powering the device (mimolite) as I do not have a recepticle outside near the unit. The heater’s computer board also has 24VAC. Could I tap into that somehow?

Thank you!

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The first question is is the pump with in the splash zone of the pool? If so, you need to keep two words in mind: “galvanic corrosion.” There often special safety codes applied to any electrical equipment within the splash zone for exactly this reason. The Mimolite itself is not spec’d For this environment, so you need to make sure that this, or any other equipment you might add, doesn’t breach the waterproofing of the existing pump.

Assuming you’ve got the safety codes handled, @ogiewon or one of the other maker type experts in the community might have some thoughts. :sunglasses:

Thanks! There is plenty of room inside the wiring control panel box. I am assuming it is water tight because of all the wiring and electronics in there.

Here is a wiring diagram for the heat pump. Notice the 240VAC hitting a transformer stepping down to 24VAC for the electronic control board. If I can somehow convert that to 24DC then perhaps I can power the zwave relay (mimolite)??