3-wire Pool Heater switch

I’m looking to make pool heater “smart” by adding the ability to turn on/off with ST and/or WebCoRE piston. I’m a newbie to this type of thing. Hayward manual says I need a 3-wire switch, but:

  1. Do I need to be concerned adding an unofficially supported device (user created DH) to my environment when we already know that IDE is going away? I can’t seem to find anything officially supported.
  2. Please recommend a device that will work- it’s very confusing to me.
  3. Do I have any electrical requirements to concern myself with on the device?
    Thanks so much for any help!

Is that on a 240 V circuit or 120 V circuit? The documentation provided says it could be either.

What’s the model number of the heater?

@JDRoberts, I’m pretty sure it’s 240V… it’s on same circuit as the pool filter which is definitely 240V. The heater is Hayward H250FDN. Thanks!

This is 24v circuit. I have a similar setup. Use any NO remotely controlled relay to connect either Pool or Spa terminal to common 24v terminal. I use only one preset, but you can use both.
I used Insteon I/o link to control the pool heater (because of long distance to the pool heater from home). But you can use z-wave enabled relay contact device if it works for you, for example Zooz zen16.