Devices Randomly Turning On

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Over the last 2 days, I’ve had devices in 2 separate locations (2 different hubs) randomly turn on. Yesterday, in a remote location (nobody at) I had 4 lights turn on. When I look through the logs, all it shows is that the lights were on…but not details of what executed the on command.

This morning, one of my lamps turned on, in my bedroom…where I was at the time. I have no reason why…there is no automation, other than the security app, that could cause this to happen. And the security app would turn on all the lights in my home if there was motion or something was triggered while everyone is away.

Anyway, can anyone point me in the direction on trying to figure this out? I feel that the logs in the app is almost useless, and the logs in the graph api are not telling me much either.

There has been zero power issues at my home either or the remote location (followed up with others that are in that area).


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I should also mention that I haven’t changed anything in the last few weeks…But I assume there was a hub update Sunday and Monday that went to my 2 devices, because the hubs both got rebooted at one point.

Very timely. We have a light that comes on due to motion that started doing this, and it turned out that the battery was so low in the motion sensor that it caused the sensor to send motion events during it’s battery death march. Maybe that’s a possibility for you too?

On a separate note, yes is stinks that our ability to determine what turned on/off a device is no longer there like we had before. This is very frustrating, and yes, the logs are useless anymore…


Another thing to think about is what are the devices’ settings for recovering from a power failure? If they are set to turn on after a power failure as opposed to prior setting, even a small blip in the power will likely turn them on.

Thanks John, good suggestion. I checked the single motion sensor at the remote location and it’s currently at 75%. I do have 2 door sensors however, that are no longer communicating with the hub…they have been like this for roughly 1 month…so maybe something fishy is going on there. Unfortunately this place is around 900 KM away, so not easy to go pull batteries out of these sensors to get them to reset.

On a side note, there use to be a way in the app to look at a device and even see all the automations that were using the devices…that info can only be found in the graph-api…another annoying change.

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Hi Bryan, that’s a good question…I’m not sure how to check that. I’m guessing based on the device there would be a variable that would need to be set through the graph-api?

Another thing to look at. Are they zigbee bulbs? Did they take a firmware update? (this is a typical side effect of zigbee bulbs attempting to or successfully taking an update)

It may vary by device, but I usually set it via the app, after opening the device’s page and then settings. For an Inovelli switch, for example, one of the settings is “State after power restored”.

Unfortunately, not every device has the capability to set this, though, so ymmv.