SmartThings Open Cloud & the ARTIK Chip

@keithcroshaw noted in another topic that a SAMI (marked alpha) smartapp has just been added under the MORE section of Smart Setup in the mobile app, with some SAMI device handlers for specific devices also added to the IDE. Looks like they’re getting ready for ST calls to SAMI.


There is a number of new device handlers listed in the IDE, including SAMI Nest…


Can’t guarantee these all work, or exactly how these work, but as of June 21, 2015, these are known device types to SmartThings:

Are any of these dev boards out in the wild yet?

Yes. Many have been distributed at various Samsung events. One guy I networked with at the IoT Event got one… I should check up with him and see what he’s done with it.

And I think @Ben and/or @mager got one…

I saw the board when I went to the Palo Alto offices at the beginning of the month. I took a picture of it
with the ST Community team.

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I am still trying to figure this out. I have signed up for a SAMI developer account and it’s very sparsely documented. Does the developer have to create all of the interface to Spotify or is this something that is already created. I know SmartThings has a SAMI connector, but I can’t really figure out what to do with it. Is there a Samsung Galaxy S6 connector or would I have to create my own?

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So I connected my account to SAMI. Went to the developer portal and saw that there was a connection to SmartThings, but nothing apparent about what it did or why. Browsed the docs. If it is in there, I don’t know how I missed it but here is the interesting stuff.

Two Portals.

Will take you to the user facing portal. Very nice charts and graphs that update in real time. Can compare and contrast. They even have signal strength for zigbee devices. If you want to monitor battery levels very easily, check this out.


This looks cool. I tried to get to the portal with my current SmartThings account it lets me in but I cant get past the enter your full name and address page. I will try again later today it almost looks like they are having a server problem or maybe I don’t have proper permissions. Did you have to get some type of special permission to use it?

That graph reminds me of a conversation I had with Urman over a year ago. He mentioned they had an in house tool that gave them a deeper view inside the user’s ZigBee network they were thinking about making available to developers. I wonder if this is the same tool??

Visit the developer portal and create an account. In the SmartThings mobile app on the more tab there is a + SAMI(Alpha) smartapp. Once you have a samsung account, you will be able to connect your ST devices to SAMI. You should then be able to visit

And start to see your data.

Hi - created a sami account. Can log into portal. But I cant for the life of my find the sami app on the smarthings android app. Just do not see it under more tab. Was it removed perhaps?

In v2 of the mobile app, a lot of things are moved around. There’s now a “marketplace” section and it is divided into two sections, one for things and one for smart apps. Sami should be under “more” of the smart apps section of the marketplace. It won’t show up under “more” of the things section there.

(This part should be the same for both the iOS app in the android app. If it’s not, put in a support ticket to )


Open smart things mobile app

Select marketplace ( colored star icon in the lower right)

Select smartapps

Select more

Scroll down to find the Sami smart app and tap to follow install directions

Hi - just dont have the option - weird. I am based in UK if perhaps this is down to location.

You would definitely run into the OAuth problem in the UK with Sami, I just didn’t know that the App is now smart enough to know that.

It looks like you’re missing the harmony integration as well, so apps requiring Oauth being blocked for UK accounts would make sense.

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Explains why was not working also perhaps.

What can be done, is samsung looking into this limitation?

Kinda Sux.

Yes, smarttiles is unfortunately also affected.

I saw you already posted in the following topic but that’s the one where this issue is being followed in detail, including staff updates.

Has anyone managed to get the SAMI app installed in the UK?

Yea I have interest on this ARTIK platform, do you know if a yocto/OE layer is provided to platform developers ?
If yes and if someone is able to test on its ARTIK I can try to build and image and document this to community

Anyone getting Artik to work? I created Artik account and connected my FitBit to it. Then in SmartThings app I connect to Artik, it creates smartapp, I added a couple devices (door, switch,temp). On the Artik site it does not show SmartThings as a device though. So then I tried to add device in Artik: smartthings smartapp, but it doesn’t seem to connect/authorize to my SmartThings.

In Artik the smartthings smartapp ‘device’ shows ‘unknown availability’, but I can send action to it. It shows a couple notifications which don’t work (no notification pops up on phone as I expected).

Also looked through this tutorial but didn’t see anything I did wrong.