Smartthings Nvidia Shield link Vs Hub For Xiaomi Sensors?

I have been using Smartthings link with Nividia shield. I had Xiaomi ecosytem in home. Tried moveing sensor from Xiaomi to Smartthings using various handlers discussed in this forum. I was able to pair all sensors. But every sensor gets disconnected with in 24 hrs. I read some where in the forum. Using a proper smartthings hub should solve this issue and Smarthings link run a different Firmware. The issue cited as the link device.
Any one who has owned link device and proper HUB and faced similar issue throw some light.

I have a feeling you read over mine and others comments here. If not, you can search through there and find a few good summaries of findings.

I have have a Link and it works fine for the Sengled bulbs that I have. I also have 3 Aqara door/window sensors that drop off ~2 hours after setting them up. Like I said in my post, I was able to fix that by using the SmartThings v2 hub instead of the Link.

I have purchased a zwave/zigbee dongle to try out with Home Assistant only to find that their support for zigbee is lacking.

I haven’t done any looking at this because I am getting tired of buying more hubs but you could read up on using the xiaomi hub as a go between possibly.

@rottentinkerton Did the xiaomi sensors stable and never dropped after the Hub was switched?. If thats the story i might have to invest in new hub and shell out another 80$

Correct. I only tested over the weekend since I was borrowing the hub, but for 3 days I had no issues once they were connected.

I have been testing 4 Aqara door sensors and 2 motion sensors since first week of January. They haven’t dropped even once. This weekend I am buying 11 more door sensors and 2 motion sensors. I do have a v2 hub.

The original Xiaomi sensors Are not certified to the same standard that smartthings uses and continue to have drop off problems for many people.

The newer Aqara line works better, but some people still report problems. It’s been an ongoing issue.

In any case you have to have the V2 hub, they don’t work with the V1 hub or the Nvidia shield link.

And you cannot add the xaomi gateway to a smartthings account, so that doesn’t help.

@a4refillpad Might be able to say more.

My Idea is to slowly move all sensors to ST from Xiaomi Gateway and discard Xiaomi Gateway. I have been using Xiaomi gateway from the time they launched it. I collected lot of their sensor during my frequent trips to china. Now For obvious reasons like Alexa, IFTTT etc i want to move sensors to ST. So i experimented with ST Link to the shield i had. I have lot of dropping issue. Now looks like a new 2.0 ST hub would fix this?.

Also if there is ways to integrate Xiaomi gateway to ST , it will be great. But i guess Xiaomi works of Mi cloud and for ST to work it as to be approved by Xiaomi and Xiaomi has to sign agreements with ST. This will not happen i guess

I can’t speak for the v1 hub but to clarify, the Xiaomi and Aqara sensors DO work with the Link, they just lose connection after a while. I was able to connect my Aqara window/door sensors to the Link and view open/close events in the mobile app and online.

Fair enough, it would be better to say they don’t work reliably since they do lose connection. :sunglasses:

I replaced my smarthtings link wiht Hub v2.0 and all Xiaomi sensors (20+ sensors) running without a single drop.
Dow you guys think this smart link dongle be of any use?. The shop smarthings offered me free refund and return for smarthigns link for 15$ i bought? Or should i keep it for any future support?