Smartthings notifications stop after sometime (Aeotec hub + Samsung Galaxy S22)


I am an electronic engineer but new to Smartthings. I bought Aeotec devices (hub, a PIR motion detector and a door opening sensor). I installed SM on my Samsung S22 Android 13.

The ST settings are: IF the device is activated and SM active THEN send notification to my phone.

My phone settings are: ST notifications enabled, Settings / Battery / Limitation of background application / Set unused application to sleep disabled, Energy saving disabled (I fear that if the SM goes to sleep the notifications can be ignored. I would prefer to avoid this limitations as the consumption is increased).

I succeeded to get notifications when I activated the endpoint devices. But after some times (several hours) notifications does not occur on the phone. If I disable Notification on SM and re-enable it, notifications are working again.

Do you have an explanation for this and a corrective action ?

Thank you.


Sorry small correction: When the problem occurs, I disable on the phone setting the notifications for ST and re-enable it.