Smartthings not pickup up second Hue lightbulb after install

Just bought 2 new Hue lightbulbs. Installed in lamps in my bedroom. Had smartthings search for them. It picks up one as a ZLL dimmer device. It will not pick up the second one.

Any ideas?

Direct to the ST hub? Or using the Hue hub?

I do not have a Hue bridge/hub. Let smartthings just detect them. It is only detecting the first one.

While it’s searching, turn it off and then turn it on.

Is the one it found closer to the hub? Does that one fully respond to commands from within SmartThings now? If so, it could act as a repeater and help make the connection, essentially doing them 1 at a time rather than both together.

I will try that again.

Actually the first one is farther from the hub. Its fully responding.

No go at this point…

Bring the lamp close to the hub and try again (same room is preferable).

Also, check the app and make sure it didn’t add as an unknown device or anything.

Once you have it added, you can move the lamp back and then unplug the hub for like 30 minutes to let it rebuild the zigbee network tables (similar to a z-wave repair, but for zigbee devices).

FYI - letting the bulbs direct pair to the SmartThings Hub is not advised. Unless you have some very specific tools (e.g., Lutron Zigbee remote), there is no way to reset the Hue bulb in the event of a bad pairing.

So…if I go out and purchase a Hue Bridge… Is it possible to attach the hue bulb that is currently attached directly to the smartthings hub?

You would need to reset the Hue bulb before it can attach to the bridge… This thread has some good info: Hue bulb without Hue Bridge?

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I tried to bring the lamp in the same room as the hub. No go. I guess I need to purchase the bridge. Not a big deal…

May need the Lutron remote to reset it if it didn’t pair fully